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This week there are three parts to the challenge.

Man Friday
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Alan via Compfight

Part 1 is about your digital footprint where you need to visit Mr Bogush’s class blog to find out the activities to try. Remember to leave a comment on his post about the activity you completed and why you chose that activity. Then come back to this post on the student blogging challenge and leave a comment mentioning you have completed a week 4 activity so I can visit your blog to leave a comment.

Part 2 is about BAD14. Are you going to write a post, create a video or take part in Blog Action Day on 16th October? Remember the theme is Inequality. Check out this wordle for some topics you might want to research then ย write about. Publish your post on 16 October or if your teacher moderates first then publishes, make sure you have your post in early enough.

Comment is free . . .
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Shakespearesmonkey via Compfight

Part 3 is about commenting. Every time you write a post relating to the blogging challenge activities, remember to visit the appropriate challenge post and leave a comment. That way Miss W can visit your blog to read your post and leave a comment.

Did you complete an activity for:

Week 1: your About Me page or post, create an avatar, or challenge about 13 – here is the link to leave your comment.

Week 2: commenting, widgets, 13 in different languages – here is link for week 2

Week 3: country, state, currency, haunted places – leave a comment here on week 3

Week 4: digital footprint, Blog Action Day 14, 13 new blogs on blogroll

Challenge for number 13

Visit 13 student or class blogs and add 13 links to your blogroll ready for a game in a couple of weeks.


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  1. Hi Miss W
    i have finished challenge four “how i am creating a positive digital footprint” thank you Miss W

  2. I completed a week 4 challenge (part 4)

  3. how long did it take 2 make the footprint? ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Cool footprint ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Hello Miss W,
    My class and I really enjoyed learning about our Digital Dossier (and we like the way it sounds). It was quite eye-opening for us. We have posted about what we have learned so far, but we will continue to discuss the topic all year. Here is a link to our class post. http://mrsvazquezsclass.edublogs.org/2014/11/02/your-digital-footprint/
    Most of my students have written their own post on this topic as well.

    Mrs. Vazquez

  6. this is very interesting ………

  7. Hi Miss W, my name is Rebecca!
    I completed the first part of the digital footprint challenge. I searched myself up onto the internet. It was really fun.
    If you want to visit my blog here is my blog website down below….

  8. Hi Miss W,

    My name is Joseph and I am from Australia. I have completed the Student Blogging Challenge Week 4. I did Activity 3. If you are interested in visiting my blog, my URL is http://iutlibqny.global2.vic.edu.au/.


  9. Hi Mrs W and fellow Student blogging Challenge Participants,
    I have completed the week four challenge Mrs W! I completed activity 2 ‘Google Yourself’. I looked up my instagram account and found it, but when I typed in my actual name I was like..a nobody.I’m really sorry but I only did the first part because I did not understand the other two parts ‘sorry’. Anyway that’s all for now and PLEASE comment on my blog that would be most appreciated here is a link to my blog http://ycharwalr.global2.vic.edu.au/
    From Grace.

  10. Hey Miss W,
    My Name is Aydin, and I’m a 7th grader at Poughkeepsie day school. I have recently completed Edublogs Challenge 4, activity 2. It was pretty fun. Here’s a link to my classes blog: http://7thgraders.edublogs.org/

  11. Hi Mrs Wyatt.
    I did the part where we had to visit Mr. Bogush’s class blog. I did activity 3.

  12. Dear Mrs W,
    We in 6A enjoyed blogging about our top three pieces of advice for how to maintain a healthy digital footprint.
    Thanks for the great challenges!
    from Mrs Miller

  13. Dear Mrs. Wyatt,
    My post for this week is pending for approval. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I enjoyed the activities for this week. I chose the first activity out of the five that were on Mr. Bogush’s class blog. It took a little more research, but I still enjoyed it. I do not quiet have 13 blogs added to my blog roll yet, but I am close. ๐Ÿ™‚ Please come visit my blog at http://jazzy2am.edublogs.org/ to see how it is advancing.

    Thanks again,
    ~Jazzy ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. I have completed week 4 blogging challenge!

  15. Hi Miss W,
    I’m Zara and I have completed challenge number 4. On Mr Bogush’s blog I chose activity number 3 to do. You can view my post at http://iltsatb.global2.vic.edu.au/
    It was really interesting learning who is tracking you online.
    From Zara

  16. I love your weekly assignments you give us to do! They are so much fun and interesting to do. If you want to check out my blog here’s the link http://marykate1208.edublogs.org

  17. Hello Miss W I finished the challenge for this week. My class had to choose 1 of the activities from Mr Bogush’s Blog. I choose activity 5 because I love to just write things down that is in my head. Please visit my blog at http://hannah1am.edublogs.org/ . Thank you.

  18. Hi Miss W,
    I have finished the 1st part of the challenge. My class has decided to only do part 1 and part 3 of the challenge. I have chosen to do activity 3. I have chosen to do this because I think it sounds interesting to see who has been tracking me on the websites I go on.
    Please visit my blog at http://tthit.global2.vic.edu.au/
    Hope you like it

  19. I have been doing Edublogs and your challenges since school has started, and I like it to be honest. I hope you come check out my blog!

    • shielojenn47497
  20. This week, I’m working on 13 blog links challenge. Also, I finished the student blogging challenge badget widget.
    It was so cool. Please visit my blog http://ramlog.aisgz.org/11seod/.

  21. I can tell that I’m in the student blogging challenge because I have the badge .

  22. I got the badge! I can tell people I’m doing student blogging challenge. I am trying to do 13 blog link. I only did 5. Get my blog: http://ramlog.aisgz.org/11shinb

  23. Hello Ms. W! I Did the student blogging challenge badge widget and working on the 13 blog link challenge.

  24. I am working on getting 13 other peoples links on my blog besides my classmates links. I still have a few left to do but I will be able to Finnish it before Monday. Thanks!

  25. Hi Ms.W I just finished putting my student blogging challenge badge widget and now I’m working on my 13 blog link challenge. Please visit my blog at ramlog.aisgz.org/11guow

  26. Hello. It’s TJ again. And I would like to tell you that in week 2 I completed making comments on other bloggers blogs. I also added the counter country widget. I think that it’s cool that I can see how many people have visited my blog from each country. You can see how many people have visited my blog at ramlog.aisgz.org/11petersent๐Ÿ˜€

  27. Hi! I’m Jiyoon!
    I got my badge widgets
    and I am doing my
    linking 13 people.
    I’m doing my 1st people and
    I’m going to try all 13!

  28. Hi Ms. W, this week we added the student blogging challenge badge widget and we’re trying to get 13 blog link challenge.

  29. Hi! I’m TJ! For week one, I made an All About Me post. I also made a funny avatar that looks just like me! It was really fun to do that! So far, I think that was my favorite thing this blogging challenge! You can see both of them at my site ramlog.aisgz.org/11petersent๐Ÿ˜‰

  30. Hi my name is Sara I really enjoy doing the challenges I am done with my Adding13 person to my blog roll.

  31. Dear Ms.W, I am having a really fun time in the blogging!
    This week, I have completed adding 13 blogs to my blog roll. Thank you for organizing the challenge!
    Please visit my blog at

  32. Hi! I completed adding my 13 links.

  33. Hello from Montreal, Canada!
    All of Mrs. Theriault`s students from the All Things Quebec class, have posted a blog for Blog Action Day. We collaborated on a Blog Hop around the theme of inequality considered from the perspective of the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child.

    Examples include
    Sionra and Sofia (Access to information)
    Rajesh and Edward (Freedom of Belief)
    Ariana and Danica (Friendship)

    All blogs may be reached through the sidebar on the left at –
    Have a nice day,
    Mrs. Theriault

  34. I have finished all of the Week Activities and added some new stuff to by blog!

  35. I have done all of the blogging challenges that my teacher has assigned me for this weeks challenges. Come check out my blog. at this link http://thatwierdblog.edublogs.org

  36. Hi, I’m Colby. You can find my blog at
    So far I have completed every activity leading up to this week and activity 1 of this week. Please come and visit my blog and leave a comment on one of my posts!

    • Wow! Colby,
      I just visited your blog and you have certainly taken on the blogging challenge. Your style of writing is very personal with all the little sidebars ** and comments.

  37. I completed Activity 1.

  38. i did the blogging challenge week 5 part three it was very funny

  39. Hi! I’m Madi. I completed week 4 part 1 activity 2. I enjoyed the activity! If you want to read my post you can go to http://2014madi.edublogs.org/

  40. I did my blogging challenge except 2 because I couldn’t go to the website

    • G’day bc37468,
      I would love to visit your blog but you haven’t left the URL for me to click on.

    • G’day Gracie,
      Glad you love the challenges. I had a look at your blog and your crazy post about digital footprints. What are you and your friend Genna doing to make sure you have a positive footprint by the time you leave school?

  41. Dear Miss W,

    My whole class did an AMAZING job doing Activity #4 today – creating a positive digital footprint. We decided to do a shout out to the special people in our lives that do so much for us, but don’t always get acknowledgement. The lesson was so powerful – thank you so much!


    Mrs Adams

    • G’day Mrs Adams,
      Are you going to write a blog post and share the shout outs with the rest of your readers?

      • Hi Miss W,

        I haven’t done a post from the class blog, but all of the students have a link to their own personal blogs down the side of our class blog.

        Mrs Adams

  42. Hello I’m Jonah from http://jonahrle.edublogs.org/ .
    I have completed a week 4 challenge. (The digital footprint.)
    I have completed activity 2 and 3.