Before filling in the registration form please read the following:

Who should register 

  • Only students who have their own personal blog can register
  • Students who are going to do the activities otherwise mentors’ time is wasted
  • Students who want to connect with other students around the world

A few days after  you have registered

  1. Check the student participants page which will appear in the header area to make sure you are there. Check very carefully under your age group as we don’t need names being doubled up – again that would be wasting time of the mentors.
  2. If you are not on the participants page, register again being careful that your blog URL is correct.
  3. If you are on the participants list, start visiting other students your age or with your interests.
  4. Fill in the subscription by email so you are notified when posts are published each week – first challenge will be October 4 or if you have Edublogs reader, click on follow then you will be able to read posts in your reader.
  5. Make sure you have some great posts written so others can leave comments.

If you have a twitter account, use the hashtag #15stubc to notify others of your posts

So you have read everything above this line, now is the time to register

11 thoughts on “Students: Enrol here (Aussie spelling)

  1. Hello Miss W. i am part of Mrs. black’s class they’re are all signed up but i’m not because i was having problems with my url so my teacher told me to wait for it to get fixed well today i filled the form so is there any way i can still be in the challenge i’m still doing every thing every week so is there a way?

    1. Hi JBlanco,
      You can still be in the challenge even if your URL is not on the student list. Your teacher has registered the class blog so that means any students from that class can take part.

  2. Hi Miss W,

    If I have already registered the class as a class, is there any value in students registering themselves and their blog within our class blog?


    Mr Pastro

    1. G’day Mr Pastro,
      With nearly 2000 students already registered there is no chance your students would get a mentor if they registered now. They can still visit other student blogs from the list in the header area of the challenge blog – just remind them to add the URL of their own blog in the comment so that person can visit them.

      I am putting all classes with student blogs on the sidebar in a different colour in the class list so you could easily pair up your students with others on the other class lists of students with similar ages.

  3. My students don’t have active emails per school policy. I see that they can participate by using their Reader page? Posts / instructions will be posted there?

    I am interested in having my students participate as an option. We are on a school trip this week so they can’t registar until the last week of September. I see you have it open until the end of October – is that correct?


  4. How long will registration be open? Some of students will NOT be able to register for 2 weeks from today.

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