Below is the list of students taking part in the challenge.

What can you do next?

  1. Check that your name is only on the list once. Leave a comment on this page if it is there more than once. Include your first name and blog URL and age.
  2. Start to visit students with similar interests as yourself. Read their posts and leave quality comments.
  3. Once the challenge starts, remember to fill in the weekly form with the URL of the post you have written. Commenters will then visit you.
  4. If you use Twitter to promote your blog posts, please add the following: #stubc so I can also see your posts.


Blogs will be checked and if the name of your country is in bright pink, then you will be deleted at the end of March. Why? One of the following reasons:

  • blogs where you can’t leave a comment – might need privacy settings changed by your teacher or yourself
  • if using Blogspot, you need Name/URL as an option for leaving comments
  • students who have written no posts at all relating to the challenge
  • students who still have the basic Hello World post and nothing else
  • students who don’t have an About Me page or post

If you think your country should not be in pink, contact me by leaving a comment on this blog.

Older students aged 18+ might prefer to be a commenter rather than take part as a student. Activities are more appropriate for students aged 8-16.


714 thoughts on “March 2018 students

  1. Miss W. Please check out the student YAYA at the end of the March 2018 Students List. My 4th grade students who are part of the blogging challenge felt the subject of their “what they like” was inappropriate.
    Thank you.

    1. Miss Taylor and class,
      Thanks for mentioning this. I hadn’t checked the list for a while. I have now deleted the person from the list.

  2. Hi Miss W. My name is Mason And I’m 10 Years old and I was filling out the register form and my name didn’t fully come thru can you please fix it. 🙂

  3. Hi Ms. W,

    While signing up for the blogger challenge I wrote United States instead of USA so the text overlapped with the hobbies I wrote. I tried to register again but my submission did not show up on the March 2018 student list. If you could possibly correct the United States or delete my first submission so I can create a new one I would appreciate it.

    Thank you!


  4. Hi,

    I tried to sign up for the blogger challenge but I wrote United States so the text went over my interests. I was hoping you could correct that to USA so that my row isn’t messed up.


  5. Dear Miss W,
    I have tried to sign up for the blog challenge and do not see my name on the list. Is there anyway that you could check and make sure I can get on there. Thank you so much!

  6. Dear Miss W,
    I have tried to sign up for the blog challenges, but I did not see my name on the list. Is there any possible way that you could check & see if I am in the contest? Thank you very much.

  7. hi, i just had a question, i joined the challenge a little late my blog is still in the list above but if i click on it redirects to an edublog page. can you tell why that is happening. my blog is accessible otherwise just not through the link above. i am trying to catch up to the challenges.

  8. Dear Miss W,
    I noticed that my age on the list is incorrect. I am actually 14 years old, but it is shown as 12 years old.

  9. Dear Ms, W

    For week 4 free choice, I have decided to do a story on a solar system lesson. The link below is the link to get to the blog. Copy and paste it onto the search bar, and then press enter.

  10. Dear. W. I finished week 3 activity 3 dogNikk – Sorry guys, PC has died :-(( via Compfight

    n0core via Compfight  eye             

    Michał Kosmulski via Compfight     heart

  11. Hi Miss W,
    I have signed up and then realized that I do not need to be in the blogging challenge this month.
    I would appreciate it if I could be taken out.

  12. I just registered my daughter blog yesterday and try to catch up activities posted. We are homeschooling family.
    so what I have to do is get back to this page a couple days later to check if her name appear above?
    Thank you very much for this excitement activity. We are very new, any suggestion please.

    1. G’day Alyssa’s mum,
      Her name now appears and I left a comment on her blog earlier today. Hope she enjoys the activities and she doesn’t have to do every activity. You can pick and choose and relate it to what you are doing in homeschool time.

  13. Hi Miss W.
    My students are participating in the challenge but they are not able to see the Google spreadsheet of participants on their laptops. It is being blocked by our firewall and they get a message that they need to request access. Can you advise? I was hoping you could either share the spreadsheet with me and then I could share it with them.

    Mrs. Blewett

  14. Nolan, Morgan, Lindsay, Jarrod, Skylar, Carson, and Noah don’t have a blog!
    When I click on their links, there is nothing to be found!

    Feel free to give me more kids! I’ll do as many as you need!

    1. Hi Angelica,
      This often happens when the students delete the first Hello World post before they have written their own post. Just give them a week or so and they should have a post there.

  15. Hi

    I have made a comment introducing myself to all the students on my list … except for Jakob. I was unable to see and type the anti-spam word. I tried a different browser but that did not help. The area where the anti-spam word should have been was just html. So I am wondering if he needs to change some settings???

    Some really interesting and well written blogs out there 🙂


    1. Hi Helen,
      I also checked out Jakob’s blog when I wasn’t logged in to Edublogs and it did the same to me. Only required name, email and a comment. He may have done this deliberately in his settings.

      1. The problem is, that when I try to post a message it gives me an error message asking for the anti-spam word … consequently, I am not able to post a message!

        I have tried 4 times now to make a post introducing myself as a mentor 🙁 … no success.

  16. Our school just completed the first academic quarter and are going on a 2 week break. The blog URLs begin afascinatingblogby_______ and each blog has multiple posts, and About Me page, an Avatar post and a post stating they are on break. The students will jump back in when we return on October 16.

  17. hi, my name is spelled wrong. It says abdoulauye in the aged 14 section.
    it’s suppost to be Abdoulaye without a “U”. and the country is wrong too. i;m in senegal, not ivory coast.

  18. Miss W.
    In the 15 age group you have given me to mentor, of the last 4 you recently added, the blogs by Moses, John, and Alfou will not allow me to view them. Perhaps you can have their teacher change the privacy settings so I can mentor them.

    Thank you.
    Barbara Paciotti

    1. Barbara,
      Thanks for getting back to me so quickly regarding these blogs. I notice most of them are set with a password from Mr Leinbach’s class.

  19. Hi Ms. W,
    My name is Violet and i am on the list twice. I am correctly listed under the age group of 14 but I am listed again later under the 16 and older group. Honestly, it was most likely my mistake but if my if my name could be removed from the 16 and older category that would be appreciated.

  20. My student named Dylan age 10 from the USA and likes TaeKwonDo and Origami must have not copied and pasted her blog url correctly. It shows “” but when you click on it, it goes to the main edublog website to make a blog. Please replace her URL with:

    I am not sure what happened. Thank you for helping us with this!

    Mrs. Cannon (her teacher)

  21. Hi Miss W,
    My name is Mia and I am part of the student blog challenge and reciving all emails for the weekly challenges, but sadly I am not on the list for students roled in the student blog challenge this means that I am not getting any coments from other people around the world.
    If you could try and fix this that would be great!


  22. I don’t think my name should be highlighted in pink because I have an All About Me post and a post I worked very hard and has a connected slideshow I created on about poverty for week 4 of the student blogging challenge.
    I am also working on a week 6 post right now, and it should be published sometime along the next week.
    Anna 🙂

  23. Hi, Ms. W!

    I hope your having fun on your vacation! You must be having so much fun!

    Anyways, I have catched up on my posts since I was absent for a while! And recently, I have uploaded my Culture And Family post! Whenever you are free in between your vacation, please check it out!

    Thank you so much! And have fun on your trip!


  24. Hi my name is Fern
    Can you please take my name out of the list for the blogging challenge,there is nothing bad about it, it’s just not my type of thing to do, Thank you for your time, sorry if I bothered you.

  25. Hi my name is Jasmine
    I would like you to take my name out of the blogging challenge there is nothing wrong with it but it is not my thing.
    Thanks for your time.
    Thanks Jasmine

  26. Hi Miss w. My name is Ashlyn and I do not have a mentor. But all my friends are saying that I do but I do not. Could you please check if I do because I use perfection writing all day and post 15 stories a day? And if I do have a mentor then I did not even get anything like a comment from them. But my computer says that I do not have a mentor.

    1. Hi Ashlyn,
      I checked and you do have a mentor but I notice she hasn’t left any comments yet. I will contact her and ask her to visit. Remember mentors are only expected to visit three times on each blog over the 10 weeks.

    1. G’day Keeport,
      Thanks for leaving a comment. But I only visit blogs where the student leaves the URL for the actual post or page they want me to read. You have left your general blog URL, not a post URL.

  27. Hi Miss W, I am ready to see different blogs and work on my blog for the blog challenge. i want to give a thank you to you for starting this program for kids who like to use their creativity in writing its great. cant wait for the Blog Challenge

    1. Hi Ralphyr,
      I would love to visit one of your posts or pages, but you have only left the blog URL – remember for me to visit you need to leave the URL for just the post or page .

        1. G’day Joe,
          Thanks for leaving the link to your blog. Remember if you want me to visit your blog, you need to leave the URL of the post or page you want me to read, rather than just the general blog URL.

      1. Honestly, what’s so hard about clicking on the damn child’s page. All they want is acceptance in the world and all your giving them is less hope. Stop acting like its impossible to just click on the link. Miss W your a nice person but cut these poor children some slack >:(

        1. Hi Gavin,
          I agree, it is not difficult to click on their blog link. But knowing how to find the link for a particular post is a skill students need to learn especially once they need to use references in posts at middle school and high school. Also with nearly 2000 students taking part and me trying to visit those that leave comments, I prefer to just click on one link that takes me to the actual post.

  28. Hello Mrs.W , Im not on the list. If you could please put me on the list.

    1. Hi Lillian,
      You need to fill in the registration form to be included on the list. Check out the registration area above the header or in the sidebar under posts. Make sure you use the student registration.

    1. Thanks Zach, you are only on there once now. The URL for your blog doesn’t need the author bit. You own your blog so you are naturally the author.

    1. Hi Amerie,
      The link to your blog works fine now, and I have deleted one of your other registrations. If anything is wrong with the link now on the participants page, please get back to me and I can make the changes on the spreadsheet.

  29. Hi Ms. W,

    I have two more students who did not complete their URL correctly. They are:
    jacob’s blog (should be
    ethanhunt104 (just need to add

    Thank you,
    Miss Nichols

  30. Hi Ms. W,

    I have some students who registered somewhat incorrectly or incompletely.

    These three just need to have put at the end of their blog addresses:
    Please can these be corrected on the spreadsheet?

    Also, I have one student who did not follow directions and used his last name in the URL while creating his blog. Is there anything we can do about that? His is

    Thank you,
    Miss Nichols

  31. I noticed that on my classroom’s old Samsung Chromebooks that the table with the student links is not appearing. Is there any chance you could email me a link to viewing the table? I want to add it as a link in Google Classroom, so my students can choose to comment on blogs from the list.

  32. Hello from Montreal, Canada,
    In case you haven’t noticed yet, I wanted to mention that the last blogs added from England lead to a “Log In” page and do not allow free access.
    Have a nice day!
    Evelyn Theriault

  33. Finally I have sorted it. Cody, Jack and Caleb’s links are now being directed to the right blog. I just stuffed up the other ones of Rosie, Tyreece, Brad, Yasmina and Zeta (plus another Jack one). Hopefully I will get an email from you telling me how you would like to proceed. Planning to join the rest of my class up tomorrow.

    Apologies again: If it’s easier for you to change them, it should be For example:

    If you want to delete the ones I stuffed up, I will put them in again properly.

    Kind regards….Jane

    1. Hey there. I haven’t heard from you, so I’ll go ahead and re-enter my kids that I got wrong. If you can remove the mahana school 12 year olds, that would be great. Thanks.

  34. Sorry – I’m having a bit of an issue getting my kids on. I will try again. Jane from Mahana School

  35. Hello, we have just returned from a school break so I hope it’s not too late to add my students to the blogging challenge. I am hoping to add two classes, one grade 9 class and one grade 10 class.

    1. Hi Beth,
      I have just gone in to the spreadsheet and made some adjustments. The friendship one I am not sure of as it goes to a blog from 2011 which is possibly not your student. If you leave a comment back in here of any that are wrong and give me the correct information, I will fix it.

      1. Thanks-it looks like you fixed the ones that pointed to their edit page instead of their blog addresss. So far, all the WordPress blogs come from my students. Thanks again, and I hope more of them take up the challenge (we blog weekly anyway, but they’re starting to run dry on things to write about, since we’ve been blogging since this fall.)

      2. Okay, it looks like Chloe’s blog doesn’t have the right address: Annaliesse’s is in there twice (the first time she only included her first name.)

  36. To: Miss W.
    From: Graham31w, aka Ashlyn
    Subject: None on here.

    Hi Miss W. It’s me Ashlyn again and I already submitted my things to be in March 2017 blog challenge and went to all the students and I reloaded my computer 132 times and it still will not show my name. I do know if it worked or not. Should I submit it one more time?
    From Ashlyn

  37. Hi Miss W,
    I am looking forward to the student blogging challenge this year! I decided to be a student instead of a mentor this time.
    – Anna 🙂

  38. Hi Miss W,
    I accidently entered my age wrong on my first entry.
    I am 12 not 11.
    My blog URL is
    Thank you.
    -Annie 😉

  39. Hi Sue,
    I would love to see the students being required to add a Subscribe by Email widget to their blogs at the start of the challenge.
    As a mentor it would be great to be able to subscribe to the blogs of my mentees! It would save heaps of time not looking at blogs that have not changed.
    Just a suggestion for next time.
    Thanks for all that you do
    Pru Thomas

    1. Hi,there is a way you can subscribe to their blog>so just go into customise>go to widgets>then scroll down until you see subscribe by email.

    1. I couldn’t find your name there either, Abdoulayem. Did you register properly? You can still take part in the challenge even if you haven’t registered.

  40. Hi Miss W.

    My name is Alana and I am from Australia!

    I have just completed the Week 7 challenge of “Lets talk about School”.
    My post talks about my life when I leave school and My Ideal School Canteen!

    I would really appreciate you looking at it and giving me some advice on my blog although I know you get lots of these comments!
    Alana x

  41. Hi Miss W,
    I have checked all my students tonight and the blogs listed have problems.
    My first few Australian students are not doing much so I will check in on them again soon.
    The Americans are very keen. – no activity in SBC at all. error in url should be edublogs

    Pages not found
    David – this is a class blog not a student blog

    Noah should be
    David should be

    I am assuming they are all part of the same class

    Josh techkidsjosh – page not found
    This might be him though – I’m confident this is him

  42. Hi Miss W!

    My name’s Olivia from Australia.

    I have completed an activity on Mrs Yollis’ post which was about playing outside.

    I have described how the weather in Australia affects how we play outside I also talked about the sort of games we play in Australia at lunch time.

    Please come and check it out!

    Also in Australia, we only have a few weeks left of term which means we only have a few weeks left of the student blogging challenge.

    I don’t mean to sound annoying, but I was just wondering, how long do you think until I can receive a mentor?

    Olivia 🙂

  43. One of my students would like to change her country designation from Guatemala (country of birth) to USA (where she lives). Can you please make that change? I wasn’t sure how that could be done on our end.

    Name: Grace Blog Name: geble92d

    Mrs. Blewett

      1. MIss W –
        Thanks for correcting. Do I need to try and set up my students with a mentor? They are enjoying the challenges. We are a little behind because we had fall break but are looking forward to doing Week 3 next week! Looks like worthwhile activities, for sure.

        Mrs. Blewett

        1. Hi Mrs Blewett,
          At this late stage they probably wont get mentors but just keep having a go at the challenges. You don’t have to do them all, maybe save some for when the challenge isn’t on. Don’t worry if you get behind, the rest of the challenges are more topics rather than proper educational learning which is what was important for the first three weeks.

  44. Two of my students just signed up for the challenge, but they omitted the at the end of their username:
    shahaley6pm and brandon6pm

  45. I had my students sign up and when I went back to look at them, well let’s just say…I’m SO SORRY for the mess we have created. Clearly, we need some more practice on following directions and not giving out information such as where you live !!! These would be students that were added at the end of the list and their URLs will have a first name and then a 4 digit number at the end. (Example: Any that have a wrong URL, or list a city and/or state please delete. So sorry to create extra work for you.

    1. Jen,
      That is quite OK, I am used to first time bloggers not knowing their URL exactly. As long as one has it correct I can usually work out the others. Doesn’t take long to change the country name when using a spreadsheet. They are all correct now, unless some students are on there twice.

  46. Hey miss w just wanted to let you know that I just finished sbc2. I read a lot of cool blogs. If you want come check my blog out at

  47. Dear Miss W,
    My Name is Mariah,
    My Blog URL is:
    I am sorry but I thought that I wasn’t listed on the list and I re-submitted my information and now I have found myself and i’ve realised that I am now listed on the list twice. Could you please delete my last submission?
    Kind Regards,

  48. Hi Sue,
    I can see my students on the list – they just enrolled this week.
    I wanted to let you know that is enrolled 3 times (she is one of my students)
    also is appearing twice (also one of mine).

    I have also noticed some duplication in the students you have given me. They appear again further down the list without a mentor (yet). I guess this happens when they enrol more than once.
    Just letting you know (I assume that you have a way of easily eliminating the duplicates).

    1. If you could tell me those who are duplicates further down the list that would be handy. Otherwise they might end up with more than one mentor.

  49. Hi there,
    Maya’s (5 year old group) blog link doesn’t seem to be working. Is she still in the challenge?

  50. My name is Courtney Reichard and my name shows up twice. I am 9 years old. My URL is:

  51. Hello Miss W. Unfortunately I entered in the wrong link so my URL does es not work. On the list I am listed as Colby/ sports. I forgot a URL in my site and it should read Sorry about that.

  52. Miss W

    I have but two g’s on my blog URL for signing up for the compitition. Can I have your help by fixing that THANKS


  53. Hi,
    I’m Lily and I 10 years old and i can’t acsses to the list r 10 year old to see if my URL works can you help me?

  54. Hi Miss W,

    I’m excited to be blogging for the first time. I can’t wait!! I hope to speak to you soon

  55. Hello Miss W., I just wanted to say that I am very excited to start this blogging challenge! I’m ready to step out of my comfort zone and learn how to communicate effectively with others!

  56. Hello Ms. Wyatt,
    I’m Alexander from the United States, and I’m honored to have the opportunity to communicate with peers around the world. Thank you for starting the blog challenge. Cheers!

    1. Wow Dylan,
      You were quick off the mark leaving a comment. I hadn’t even got to your name yet in sorting them out, but it is now fixed. Thanks again.

  57. Hi my name is Alayna i put in the wrong url.

    this is the wrong url Alayna

    this is my real url

  58. the most interesting part of the challenge was week 8. I only left comments on peoples bloge when I had to. I did not read the challenge flipboard magazine.
    I think it was cool to have a blog because I got to learn about other people in different countries. the most important thing I learned was how to spell different words

  59. I finished week #1, #2, #3, #4, #5. For some reason I was deleted off of the list early on because one of my posts was a day late. I see other blogs that don’t even have a week #2. Is it possible for me to get back on the list? My blog is

    1. Hi Grant,
      When I checked the blogs where students already had moderators (I did this over Easter), you must not have had enough activities done so you were deleted. I am glad you have done lots of activities now but I won’t be able to add you back to the same group. You could still register again to be back on the list.

  60. Hi Ms W,
    I have finished this week’s blogging challenge by commenting on lots of peoples blogs, I have added a lot of widgets to my blog, and I wrote about a place I would love to visit.

    1. Hi Charlotte,
      Looks like all your posts were published on the day I started deleting from the list so sorry about that. Could you leave me a comment saying who your mentor was and your country, age and hobbies, then I can probably add you back in?

        1. G’day Camden,
          Thanks for the comment and leaving your blog URL. Remember I only visit if you have left me the URL to a specific post or page.

  61. Ms.W.,
    I tried to help a few students in my class register but for some reason they are not showing up on the list.

    Kamron- URL
    Reilly- URL-
    Benjamin- URL-

    If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.
    My teacher blog is

    Mrs. Ellingson

    PS. My students are beyond excited when you comment on their blog. Thanks for the great experience!

    1. Hi Kate,
      I just checked and they were at the bottom of the list because I hadn’t sorted them by age since last weekend. They should now be in the correct age groups.

  62. Nevermind…just found their names on the list! Thank you. We’re looking forward to starting the challenge tomorrow!

  63. Hello!

    I had all my students register for the blog challenge and have not yet seen their names on the list nor have they received an email notification. We are returning from Spring Break tomorrow and we’d like to get going on the challenge. Please advise.

    1. G’day Mary-Ellen,
      You will need to fill in the registration form for students otherwise just do the activities and go visiting other student blogs. Leave me a comment here if you complete an activity.

    1. Hi Emma,
      If your name is in a colour, it means you have a mentor who should be leaving you comments every now and then. It is only if your country is in pink or you haven’t completed the things mentioned in Week 3, that you will be taken off the list.

  64. Miss W.,
    I put the wrong blog on there. It says but the 2024 should be taken off the end.
    It should be

    1. G’day Awesome Swimmer,
      Because you registered for the challenge with the name Awesome swimmer 101 that is what appears as your name. You will need to check with your teacher Mrs Tuggle if you can change it to your real name.

  65. When I registered for the blogging I put in the wrong URL, it is actually

  66. hey miss w,. i love creating an avatar this week hears the link to my avatar blog post

  67. Hi,

    This is Raunakk here from the USA. My name is in the list four times. Can you fix this and include only one?


  68. I had about 60 students register in February. I see less than half on the list. And I am not listed as their mentor, although everyone included my name. Did we misunderstand the instructions?

    1. Actually we found them! They were all spread out, but we found them. We are really looking forward to this challenge!

    1. Brianna,
      Notice you have the students you are mentoring on your sidebar but they are not hyperlinked. You need to go to your dashboard> Links> Link Category – perhaps I’m mentoring these students
      Then you need to go to dashboard> links> add new – put in the student name on the first line, then the URL of their blog on the second line, then down the bottom click the name of the category you chose eg I’m mentoring these students Click the blue add link button on top right. Repeat this for all the students
      Finally go to dashboard> appearance> widgets and drag over the links widget to your sidebar area instead of the text box you have at the moment. You can choose just the link category you want.

      Now everyone who visits your blog will be able to click on the student name and it will take them to their blog.

  69. The entry for “A Cheerleader’s Life 102” was incorrect. I have resubmitted my blogging info. My actual blogger name is cupcakes101 and I submitted the correct URL.

  70. Hi I’m Tebijan
    I signed up twice, thinking one of them would not get through. Whichever you delete is fine.
    My URL is

  71. hi
    i’m maya and i put myself on 3 times by accident could you please deleat 2 of me thanks maya age 11 nz

    1. Hi Deavontem6,
      The first challenge will be published on Sunday March 6th. Then either you or your teacher will come to this blog and see what you have to do for that week.

  72. I acadently entered twice because the first time I entered i looked on the list of people and I wasn’t there! please delete the first one!! sorry

    1. Hi Roberto,
      I think you will find it is because Charley wrote edublog instead of edublogs in their URL and I didn’t pick up the error before I sorted the names. But thanks for mentioning it.

  73. Thank you for all your hard work keeping this list organized…

    I have two more mistakes I noticed when my students entered their information:

    1. Linda – – this is her correct URL, her location should be USA
    2. Teagan – – this is his correct URL.

  74. I noticed a few of my students have mistakes in their information they submitted:

    1. Destany – – should have listed USA for location
    2. Micah – – should have listed USA for location
    3. Adam – – his url was not complete

  75. Hi I’m Ileana I put that I was born in Oregon, but I was supposed to put the USA. So could you please change that.

  76. Hi this is kylinn I was wondering if you could change my challenge to saying USA instead of Oregon.
    Thank you

  77. Hello Miss W., I finished tenth task, if you look !
    Thank you, best regards!
    My site:

    1. G’day Alexander,
      Not all students get mentors. It depends upon the number of educators who are prepared to have a group of students to look after. With over 2000 students in the challenge, I would need over 70 mentors to cover them all. I usually only get about 20 people, so sorry you haven’t been allocated a mentor.

    1. Hi Johnathan,
      Even if you are doing everything right, it doesn’t mean you will get a mentor. There were over 2000 students registered and to cover them all I would have needed about 70 mentors. I never get that many people offering so many students miss out. Sorry about that.

  78. G ‘day, Miss W.
    I am from Serbia, finished my task for the seventh week.
    Here is the link of my blog:
    Thank you,

  79. Dear Miss W,

    do you have a blog or do you just own the student blogging challenge blog? if so could you leave the URL. hers my URL


    1. All fixed, Mrs McD.
      I noticed there is still a student there with incorrect URL, Paige. I tried to find her URL on your class blog list but you only have the default 10 listed. So all your students’ blogs appear on the side of your class blog, you need to do the following:
      dashboard> appearance> widgets> click on drop down arrow next to class blog widget which you have on the sidebar area. In the options for the widget go down to number and change that from 10 to the number of students with blogs that are connected to your class blog, you might also want to choose alphabetical and avatar and blogname.
      Hope this helps.

      1. Dear Miss W,

        I changed the settings as you suggested and switched it to alphabetical order. I can’t include avatars since I have 40 students in this class. Unfortunately, I have a couple of students who did not complete their blog activities, and Paige was one of them, so it is not necessary to fix that URL.

        Thank you for all the help.

        Ms. McD

    1. G’day Sam,
      You will need to explain why I should visit your blog and which particular post I should look at or comment on. I am only accepting quality comments here on the blogging challenge.

  80. Hello,
    I am requesting to please be added. My name is Ashley and I am from Lc6B in Canada. My blog website is I am 11 years old and my two favourite hobbies are dance and reading.
    Thank you,

    1. Hi Xinru,
      You will need to fill in the form for student registration. Go to the challenge blog, in the header is a page called Register for October 2016 – find the link to register as a student – once you have registered go back to the pages above the header and look in the students October 2016 page. There is a long list of all the students taking part.

  81. Hi Miss W,

    My name is Yasmeen and I noticed that my classes names are not on the list for the bogging challenge and we are from PDS Shirley’s 6th grade. Thank you,


  82. The list won’t load fully on my laptop. I can only see up to the eight-year-olds. I could view it fine on the class iPads, but it won’t show here. Is there any fix for this?

    1. G’day Maya,
      Sometimes it is the browser you are using that could be causing the problems. I know Internet Explorer usually has problems so recommend using Chrome or Firefox.

  83. Hello ! In our class we have two students who are listed twice.

    Thank you!

  84. I registered without my URL, I am listed as: Brooks Brooks blog USA 13 Football and wrestiling but my URL should be:

  85. Hey, I don like how my URL has my first & last name, please help, I need to know how to change it?!?!?!?!

    1. Hi THe Jammer,
      You can’t change the URL of your blog once you have created it. You might have to discuss with your teacher and have a new blog created.

  86. Hi ms. W!

    My url is not right i have my teachers instead of mine. Other people have their 20……

  87. I have now noticed that my name is on the list 3 times.
    My name is Paarami and my URL is paaramiw06.edublogs

  88. Hi my name is Asia and my name is in bright pink because I didnt link my blog sorry. So please dont delete me and I dont have a mentor either so can you give me an mentor please. Thank you and sorry about not linking my URL.

  89. I am registered more than once, my username is 20stewkr. My URL is The website was acting up, so I registered more than once. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  90. I tried to fix my address and I went back to the registration and fixed but I think I’m good to go. Do I have any thing else that I have to do?

  91. I registered this morning again because it was not showing I registered when I had signed up already. If you could take a look at it that would be great!

  92. I don’t know how to change my blog URL. I have already submitted another two responses, and it still hasn’t changed. What is another way I could change it?

  93. My student has her blog listed as “kaya USA 13 Reading and Running” but her url should be:

  94. Hello, My student Kathryn has her URL incorrect on the list. Her mentor found her though. Her address is: but this is what is listed:
    Kathryn USA 13 Volleyball & Reading

    1. Thanks Mrs Black. It is great when teachers use a naming pattern for their blogs, it is easy to pick up those errors. It is also handy when all the student blogs have the class blog widget on their sidebar, makes it easy for students and teachers to find the other student blogs.

  95. G’day Miss W.
    I’ve submitted my registration twice. Could you please delete one of them. I’m from Serbia.

    1. Thanks Tamara, You are only there once now. Hope you enjoy the challenge. Remember to leave me a comment every time you complete an activity then I can visit your blog to leave a comment.

  96. Just found several issues with my students who signed up for the challenge late:

    Wyatt signed up 3 times with the wrong URL: wyatt america 12 cooking fixing cars
    His URL is

    The following student needs to be removed altogether: hunter USA 12 listening to music, jumping on my trampoline

    Ethan signed up twice with the wrong URL: Ethan Ethan02am USA 13 hunting rafting
    His URL is

    Angel signed up with the wrong URL: Angel Mexico 12 play sports and play video games
    His URL is

    Dillon’s URL is slightly off: Dillon USA 12 basketball, baseball
    His URL is

    Anthony’s URL is also slightly off and he signed up twice, too: anthony
    alaska 12 soccer and football
    His URL is

    Thank you!

  97. Trying to catch students who signed up more than once…

    Madison signed up twice. Can you remove one?

    Thank you!

  98. One of my students, Miriam, is signed up three times for the challenge. The first one is with our class blog address – Miriam I’d love to keep her with the second one as it is correct, and she has a mentor. However, the third one needs to be deleted, too Miriam Thank you!

  99. My students are listed in pink. Age 10 group from Aarin to Trevin Country USA. I have a class blog where each students’ post can be seen and commented on. Please check these two URLs and https://VC5QiB I was not sure if my students should have been entered as individuals or as a class. If the class blog site works, please delete the student blogs. Thank you.

    1. Also, for the students I am mentoring, the links for Paige and Meagan do not work. When I click the link, it says page not found. Thanks!

      1. Hi Karen,
        I fixed Paige as she had spelled edublogs incorrectly but I can’t find a class list for Mr Peglow’s class to make the change to Meagan so I have added a pink box next to her so hopefully she will get back to me.

        1. Hi Karen,
          I found her proper URL further down the list so have now changer hers in your group. You should now be able to get to her blog.

    2. Hi Karen,
      Your posts on your class blog are public and I have left a comment for you. I will keep your students on the list until the end of October and will check again if they are public posts.

      1. Thank you. One of my classes was working on posts today. Hopefully they will be ready tomorrow.

        I have a question about mentoring, though. Is there a criteria I need to follow when commenting? Am I giving feedback or commenting in genera? Thank you.

        1. G’day Mrs Arendt,
          There are no criteria to follow. The mentoring idea is to leave comments for the students, try to make conversation with them as well as give feedback where appropriate – eg maybe they have chosen a theme needing images yet they haven’t used any, or they are using a bright fluoro colour for the font that is not easy to read.

  100. Sierra
    Hello miss W I have noticed that I signed up for the blogging challenge twice. Could you delete one of them. Thank you

    1. Nevermind, I just realized what that meant. Sorry, I think it is must be privacy setting problems. There’s a little bug that’s not letting the whole class change the settings, but we will be fixing it.

  101. I have a number of students in this project (all from China) with whom i needed to update their profiles on their kidblog so that you can access their blog.
    This has now been done – can they be updated?

    Many thanks!

    Sam Mulliner
    YCIS Qingdao

    1. Hi Sam,
      I could update them for you if you send me a spreadsheet with names, new URLS and ages or you can ask each student to leave me a comment asking to have the blog URL changed – again they would need to give me name, age, URL

  102. Hi, my name is Walaa, my edublog ais, and my country’s box is pink when it shouldn’t be because I have posts and an About Me Page on my blog.

    1. Hi Walaa,
      The reason it is in pink is because I didn’t have the correct URL for your blog. I will correct it later today, thanks for notifying me.

  103. Hi Miss W,
    My name is Chloe and I was wondering if you could change my age to 13 because I am thirteen and it says 12 since I wrote it in the forum.
    Kind Regards,

  104. Hello Miss W.
    I wrote ” United States of America” as the country I was born in and I didn’t know it wouldn’t fit in. Can you please change it to USA?

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Aidan,
      THis is where you look for other students your age and who have similar interests. Then you visit their blogs and start leaving comments and making connections. Remember to leave the URL of your blog somewhere in your comment so they can visit you at your blog.

  105. Hi people can your all please visit my blog in return I will visit yours and leave a comment. I am not kidding I will, so go get visiting.

  106. Hi Miss W.

    I’m mentoring a group of 17 – 18 bloggers and many of those didn’t write posts related to any of the weeks challenges, shall I leave a comment on those posts eventhough they are not related?

    1. G’day Hayfa Majdoub,
      With just one week left of the challenge I wouldn’t bother. Just add a comment to those who might have written posts related to the challenge.

  107. My class changed blogging platforms and my new url is

    I am in the 13 year olds, Canada between Shan & Cameron.

    Will you please change it.

    Thank you.

  108. Hello, My name is Bryan and I accidentally Signed up two accounts. The first is where I’m 9 years old, but actually I’m 13.
    I currently was assigned to two mentors.(how should I Break the news to them?).

  109. An app that you can watch global and geography is brainpop you can go to the App Store it is free


    My apologies, these students were in pink and I think we have fixed up their blogs so that they can be accessed. I am unsure if they are pink due to them not having a mentor? We are trying really hard to complete the blogging challenges and we would love it if we could remain.
    Thank you from Room 1

    1. G’day Mrs Steedman,
      Thanks for checking it out and trying to fix the problem. You will certainly be able to stay in the challenge. I will get back to you here if there are still concerns.

    1. G’day Asha,
      I am not getting many people volunteering to be a mentor, so you probably wont get one especially if you are at the bottom of the list for your age group.

  111. Hello,
    I am on twice. My name is Georgia, and I am
    Thanks so much,

  112. Hi miss Wyatt I accidentally signed up to many times could you remove the multiples of my account.

  113. Hi my name is Mackenzie go check out my blog and guess what the sentences mean!

  114. Dear Ms. Wyatt,

    I hope you are not too rushed off your feet with all the work co-ordinating the Student Blogging Challenge takes. You have been doing this for several years now and I think you are very wise to delete students who are not participating by a certain date, because there are many students who are putting their heart and soul into the challenge and then there are others for whom the challenge seems to have passed them by 😉

    I am getting lovely feedback from the students on my list from Colchester in Vermont. I believe their teacher may be Mrs. Boucher. They respond courteously to my comments. Otherwise I might feel I was talking to myself 😉

    In particular Kendall and Penelope are super at returning comments and engaging their visitors in conversation and as their mentor I would like to commend them.

    With every good wish,

    Merry Beau

  115. Hi Miss W-

    FYI, the URL for one of my newly assigned bloggers, Hayley, must be off a letter or two because the link is taking me to a Verizon aggregate page. Her blog is listed on the Verizon page…I’m assuming because the address is likely only one letter or number off. However, I’m sure she’d like the link to go directly to her page. Just wanted to let you know.

    Mrs. Rombach

    1. Hi Srihithal,
      Sorry, that is what it means. I haven’t had a lot of people offer this time to be a mentor so not everyone will get one. It also depends upon when you registered as i fill them as students register.

  116. My name is Bridget and I am 13; I messed up on my first registration form, so I made a new one. Can you delete the one that says

  117. Hi I am Reese I am in this challenge for the first time and I am really enjoying it. I will do this challenge every year now. If you want to vist my blog click on this link Reese’s blog

  118. My name is Nancy Bowker and many of my students are participating in the Student Blogging Challenge. It appears that most of my students have not been assigned a mentor yet. I know my school district blocks emails from outside sources is that an issue preventing the kids being assigned a mentor? Thanks for your help!

    Thank you,
    Nancy Bowker

    1. Hi Nancy,
      Thanks for getting in touch. Mentors usually only correspond through comments on the student blogs. Regarding mentors, they are allocated according to when students registered for the challenge. If they registered after the challenge actually started, then they might not get a mentor as I have had very few people responding to my tweets about being a mentor this time.

  119. Hello Miss W.
    I was looking through the March 2015 students when i noticed that my name was on the list three times.
    My Blog link is and I am 12 years old.
    It would be great if you could fix that for me.
    Thank you very much – Adam

  120. Miss W,
    In my list of 8 year old students to mentor, Jacob, Charlotte and Mateo are in the list 2 times and I can’t leave a comment on Wiki’s blog.
    Tina Schmidt

  121. I completed week1 challenged I commented on 2 people, i created an avatar, and edited my edublog.

  122. I’m terribly sorry, Miss W. but one of my students is on the list twice and both times incorrect. His name is Ivan, he is 17, he is from Russia, his hobbies are gaming and working on Wikia and his correct blog URL is He is already in the group mentored by Judith BK from Germany but now his blog URL in the table is wrong. He can also be found a bit lower beyond any groups. Could you cross one Ivan out and correct the other Ivan’s URL? Sorry for bothering you.
    By the way, we don’t know how to use link shorteners. Could you teach us, please?

  123. Hi Miss. W!
    My name is Namitha from USA. My mentor is Ms. Coffa from Australia. I wanted to change my email for the blogging challenge notifications. I cannot access my mail from the last account, so if possible could you change my email?


    1. Hi Dinah,
      I think the Andy one is actually a class blog. He might get back to us with the correct URL as might Tallulah. If they haven’t got back to me by Easter they will be taken off the list. Tallulah and Brady aren’t from classes I know so hard to find their actual teacher to contact.

    1. Hi Evelyn,
      Being in China, you might find the filters stop you going to certain websites. Check with your teachers and Mrs Beabout who might have some ideas of other places to visit to create your avatars.

    1. G’day James,
      I haven’t had many people offer to be mentors this year so they are allocated depending on the date that students registered for the challenge. If you find your name on the student list, you will see how many students are ahead of you in getting a mentor. Sorry about this.

  124. I recently inquired about contacting the mentor for some of my students and I have a follow up question. Does the mentor only converse with the students through their blog or does the mentor email the students?

    Thank you,
    Jen Cannon

    1. Hi Jen,
      The mentor normally only converses through comments in the blog – you should have received an email from me yesterday.

  125. Hello, i accidentaly put my age as 11 when i meant to put it as 12 will you please change it. Kaylee

  126. My name is Jen Cannon and many of my students are participating in the Student Blogging Challenge. Some of my students have already been assigned a mentor which is great! But, my school district blocks emails from outside sources so I need to get “Tina Mayling’s” email address so that I can have the tech people at our district office open up emails from her. Could you please send me Tina’s contact information?

    Thank you,
    Jen Cannon

  127. Thanks Miriam, Josh, Jaelynne, Mason, Kainoa, Rachel and Ella for getting back to me so promptly asking for some corrections to be made.

  128. Hi
    My name has been put on the list four times and I only signed up once. My blog url is

  129. Hi, what are we supposed to do the day of the first challenge? How do we know the prompts?


  130. Mrs. Wyatt,
    I have submitted my information twice now, though I am still unable to see it on the list of students. I would very much appreciate it if you could fix this error, and/or inform me if there is anything I can do to fix it. My name is Jadzia and my blog URL is;
    Thank you,
    Jazzy 😉

    1. Hi Jazzy,
      You are on the list. Right at the very bottom at the moment, but I will update soon and it will then be under the age group.

  131. I am not seeing any students older than 16 in the embedded spreadsheet. I know when I looked yesterday that there were older students listed. I am encouraging high school students at my school to sign up, so was browsing to see if they had enrolled. Thank you.

    1. Thanks Jane,
      I had to adjust the range on the spreadsheet. I had about 200 students join yesterday and they took me over the 1300 range I had. It should be working properly now.

  132. HI,

    I am a teacher who has her class registering for the challenge. We have had problems with our internet and some students registered twice. I also am not clear on whether or not they should have the “http” portion listed as some have it and some don’t.

    Students who are registered twice and need deleted:

    Drew (one has a drewf but that is the one that should be deleted)

    Also, Elizabeth registered as elizabeth1 two times, both need to be deleted. That is not her correct account. I will reregister her.

    Lastly, Jillian needs to have the account that is listed deleted, she typed it in wrong.

    I am so very sorry for all of this, I did my best to get them registered while our internet was going up and down. What a mess! On the up side, we are ALL EXCITED for the challenge!
    Debby Lyttle

    1. Hi Deb,
      Thanks for getting back to me. I will check out the student registrations and make the changes. By the way, great to see you using many of my pages in the page area of your blog – perhaps just add a link at the bottom to say where you adapted them from. Many of these will be activities in the challenge over the next ten weeks.

  133. Hi Miss W,
    My name is on there three times, can you please fix it? Is my blog address

    1. G’day Gunnar,
      With only one week left of the challenge, it is probably easier not to worry if your name is not on the list. Remember to join the new challenge in March next year and get on the list early.

  134. Miss W,
    My mentor hasn’t been on my blog at all and I was wondering if you could tell me if they are4e still doing the challenge.

    Your friend,

  135. Hey Miss W,
    Just to let you know I have finished challenge #4 . I love doing the student challenge and I have learnt a lot of things about the world and other people.

  136. Hi, miss w I’m Estrella I like to play soccer and draw you should visit my blog sometime I would really appreciate it.

  137. Hello, Miss W.!
    As the administrator I’ve changed the settings for Kate from Russia. She is 15 and her hobbies are music and English. Now everyone can leave comments on her blog. You are welcome!
    Sorry for the inconvenience.

    1. Your drawing are just awesome, Yoan, you are very talented!
      I have been very lucky to be your mentor for this challenge.
      Congratulations on your amazing work!

  138. My students registered this week (September 16). Were they too late for the challenge or shall we just keep our eyes peeled for their names? They are 10 and 11 years old.

    1. Hi Mrs McCarville,
      I noticed their names on the list. They can get started with the first challenge which is about introducing themselves. The challenge for this coming week will be about commenting. They just need to go to the main challenge blog and the post that is at the top at the moment.

      1. I am on twice my name is Thomas and my blog url is
        Please delete the one that says X box as a hobby

  139. Hi my name is Emily and I made a mistake when I registered with my URL. Can you please delete the entry with

    Thank you
    Kind regards

  140. My name is Jayda and I’ve accidentally submitted my registration twice. Could you please delete one of them. Thank you very much
    kind regards

      1. I noticed that I wasn’t on the list… I was in Lisa Gado’s group thing, and I don’tthink tht I wouldbe removed because I have kept up to date with everything.

        1. Hi Sophie,
          I checked blogs at the end of March and the only post you had was from 9 March about yourself. There were no other posts relating to the challenge by then. That is why you were taken off Lisa Gado’s list. We have had many other students who had written 4 or 5 posts by then who deserved to have a mentor help them.

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