Below is the list of classes taking part in the challenge. Remember to visit classes with similar age groups as your blog. Leave comments on their posts, if they have student blogs on the sidebar- comment on their posts.

When your class has completed a post for the weekly challenge, please come back to that post and add the URL to the form so our commenters can visit and check out your class and student blogs.

If you use Twitter to promote your blog posts, please add the following: #stubc so I can also see your posts.


Any classes with their country in bright pink

  • I need permission to leave a comment. You might need to change some settings.
  • Or your blog URL is incorrect. Please leave a comment on this page with the correct URL.

If your teacher name is in mauve, then you have a list of student blogs on your sidebar, which makes it easier for classes and students to pair up for commenting and connecting.

129 thoughts on “March 2018 Classes

  1. Hello!

    Rebecca here, our country is highlighted but we aren’t sure why?

    Our privacy settings are : Only logged in registered users of Edublogs can view blog – which should allow registered users to comment I think?

    Is it our link?

    Thank you

    1. Hi Rebecca,
      The link to your blog is fine. I must have tried to view your blog when I wasn’t logged in to my Edublogs account, which is why I coloured it in. Not all commenters will have an Edublogs account so you might miss out on some comments there.

      I just tried to leave a comment on your avatars post but because you have used Avatars as your title, Edublogs does not like that and wont open the page. Could you change the title to Look at our avatars! or something similar and then I will see if I can comment. When you go to the writing area for your avatar post, you will see a link that says permalink – you will also need to change the word avatars in there to something like look our avatars and save it.

    1. Hi Lisa,
      This has now been fixed. As your students finish a post, remind them to fill in the Google form at the end of each weekly challenge. That way they should get comments from our commenters.

  2. I have updated my blog with a list of student blogs on my sidebar, which makes it easier for classes and students to pair up for commenting and connecting.

  3. Hi! I accidentally clicked 10-12 for my students’ age range when it should be 12-15. Can you please change it? Thanks!

  4. Hi! My class blog is
    On our blog we have a sidebar with students names to locate their blog posts on our class blog for easier commenting and connecting. Can you please make our class purple so others know they can easily connect with students in my class?

  5. Hi Miss W,
    I have my kidblog setting set up so that comments need to be approved first. I want to make sure it is safe for the kids. Let me know if this will not work.


    1. Hi Kari,
      It looks like you also have it set up that posts are not public once you have approved them. Most teachers moderate posts and comments before they go public. These are generally two different settings: one for moderating and one for privacy of posts.

  6. Hi Ms. West, You can leave a comment but they need to be approved through me. So when I see it, I approve. Hope that works. That is the settings I have on my blog that I am comfortable with.

    Thank you!

  7. Hi,
    I see that my class is in pink. Can that please be changes to to enable comment to be made? Thank you for this opportunity to post blogs. We are a school in Izmir, Turkey and it’s fantastic to be able to make connections with other schools all over the world. As a class, we are very excited and we have been posting comment to other blogs. It would be wonderful to receive some comment on our blogs.
    Mary Akdoğan

  8. Dear Miss W–
    I just changed my comment setting. Thank you for your patience with me! Also, we DO have a list of student blogs on our class page.
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Maggie,
      Remember to also check the student blogs as we have many in the 16+ year range – many wanting to contact others. I could connect you with their teachers if you want.

      1. That would be awesome. My students are yearning for some authentic connections and blogs in their age range. thanks so much!

    1. Hi Susanne,
      I had checked the class list about 9am this morning and you registered after that. I usually check every morning and evening to update the lists. It is in mauve now. Thanks for taking part in the challenge.

  9. The most interesting challenge for me was Week 10. How often you visited other blogs and left comments? I visit maybe two or three every week. But i love to do this.

    1. Hi Desiree,
      Sorry about that. I am used to seeing the student names in the sidebar on the right rather than under all the posts. I have changed that now so your name is in mauve. Thanks for taking part in the challenge. Also great to see you adapting the post to suit your students as I tend to write for the primary/elementary students in the challenge.

  10. Visit our blog. We have great stories for everyone of all ages. There is Ming with his stories, Elena and her avatars and Jun with his comments. Please visit us today. Here is the link to our blog, Miss W Please visit us we are hoping to see your comments!

  11. I registered today. I hope it’s not too late. Also, I didn’t put my actual email in the first time so I registered twice. Sorry.

  12. Hi, Miss W. Here is my All About Me, and My Avatar.When I’m Online/Offline
    March 22, 2016
    I talk more online than I do offline. I’m always online. I have no clue what would happen if I only lived offline. I’m only offline when I’m playing sports, or I’m grounded from electronics, or sleeping. When I’m online I’m normally on Instagram, GTAV, Facebook, Snapchat,, or Twitter. When I’m online I’m WAY more quiet than I am when I’m offline. When I’m Online/Offline
    March 22, 2016
    I talk more online than I do offline. I’m always online. I have no clue what would happen if I only lived offline. I’m only offline when I’m playing sports, or I’m grounded from electronics, or sleeping. When I’m online I’m normally on Instagram, GTAV, Facebook, Snapchat,, or Twitter. When I’m online I’m WAY more quiet than I am when I’m offline.

  13. Hi Miss W.!
    My class name isn’t mauve yet, but I have the class blogs listed on my blog. Do I need to do something else with my registration? Thank you!
    Ms. Ashurst

  14. Hi Miss W., greetings from China

    My 6-8 grade Multimedia students are learning to blog through the challenge. We have been setting up our pages, selected an avatar, and have begun to post. We will soon start to comment and hope to connect with students from other parts of the world. The URL to our class page is:

    Thank you for mentoring this wonderful challenge.

    Mr. Dong

    1. G’day Ms Huntly,
      Thanks for doing that. I have checked and am now able to leave comments. I hope you and your students are enjoying the challenge so far.

    1. G’day Lisa,
      The light mauve colour on the name of your blog is because you have a list of students with their blogs on the sidebar of your blog. I usually colour the country bright pink if I can’t get on to leave a comment.

    2. Hi, Ms. Gado –

      My students (in Boulder, CO) would like to comment on your students’ posts, but I don’t see a way to leave a comment. We can read their “about me” posts, but there doesn’t seem to be a comment box. Sorry to leave this message here, but i don’t see another way to contact you. Thanks for your help!

      1. Hi Rebecca,
        You will find that Edublogs in default mode now has pages without comments. Sue Waters from Edublogs is writing a post this week explaining how to change the settings to allow commenting on pages. The best thing for you to do is either wait until Mrs Gado and her class have made the changes or leave a comment on another post written by the student.

  15. Hi Miss W.
    Just wondering if you could shade our class blog violet as we have a class list of names with individual posts on our right side bar. That way other students can link up with individual students easier. Our 6th graders are enjoying learning so much about blogging. Thank you for all your hard work.
    Shirley and her 6th graders

    1. Hi Mrs McD,
      I just checked your class blog and your newest posts are now allowing comments but when I first checked the earlier posts weren’t allowing comments. I will change you now on the spreadsheet.

  16. You should be able to leave me a comment on the blog I just need to approve them. Let me know if this is a problem. Thank you!

    Mrs. Morgado

  17. Hello,
    I thought I posted my class’ blog posts for week 1 under comments for week 1. I am not sure if you have seen the blog posts by my students. Since they are using Kidblog and do not have individual urls, I was concerned their work would not be seen. Here is the link to the class blog:–library-class/posts

    I will also post in the week 1 comment again. Thank you!

  18. Hi Mrs. W,
    Our class is now highlighted pink when it was not highlighted before. I checked our settings and everything should be fine for people to visit our class blog. In fact, we’ve had a few visitors already.

    Thank you,
    Mrs. Haboush

    1. G’day Mrs Haboush,
      Your class is in a lilac colour now because you have student blogs listed on the sidebar of your blog. Doing this means you will be able to connect your students with other classes of similar age that also have student blogs on their sidebar.

    1. Hi Pam,
      I just checked to see if I could leave a comment. If I was logged in with my Edublogs account, I could leave a comment. But if I was a person who did not have an Edublogs account, it was asking me to login. When I tried to visit your student blogs, they were asking for a password to see the posts.

      To change your students blog settings so anyone can leave a comment you need to go to your dashboard> my class> settings –
      moderate class blog – no if you want student to write posts on their own blogs
      moderate student blogs – tick both posts and comments if you want to approve these before you publish them
      privacy – one of the first two – if you choose stop search engines then posts from your students wont be flipped to the flipboard magazine
      now save – this will take a while as it saves these settings to your student blogs as well

      Now anyone can read posts and leave comments but you will have to approve them before they appear on the student blogs.

      You now need to go to dashboard> settings> reading> site visibility to change the settings for your actual class blog – again choose one of the first two options to allow everyone to view posts and leave comments.
      Also go to dashboard> settings> discussion – make sure you have unticked users must be registered and logged in to comment, tick comment must be manually approved – if you are going to visit the blog every day to check for posts and comments then you wont want emails sent but if you will visit the blog occasionally then tick email me whenever a comment is held for moderation

      Hope this helps.

      1. Miss W.–

        Wow! I cannot thank you enough for the specific guidance and instructions. i was able to follow the steps, and I am confident that now my blog settings are correct and will allow/encourage visitors and comments from a wide range of users.

        With appreciation,
        Pam M.

        1. Excellent Pam,
          Just checked and I can now leave comments on your student blogs even when I am not logged in to my Edublogs account. You are all set now to take part in the challenge. The first two challenges have now been posted – remember you don’t need to do all the activities each week – as totally new bloggers you might set one activity students have to do, the others can be extras if they finish earlier or you can do them later in the year when the challenge is not on.

    1. G’day Jennifer,
      Your class is registered under the 10-12 year age group. If you go to the class list and do a control F, put in Brazil and you will be the only class from that country.

  19. Dear Ms. W,

    I know that you have a lot of students and a lot of work, but I’m asking you kindly to answer my question. My name is on tha list of class challenge but my students are not on the list of students. For the first time I take a part of this challenge and I’m the only one from my country so I have no one else to ask. And also Weebly is a little complicated, so please can you see my site on which are my student’s sites and tell me have I done it right, or if I haven’t what should I do.

      1. Dear Mrs W. thank you for your advice. Every beging is hard and because of that we have dilemmas.

  20. Hello, Mrs. Whittle’s Class is listed twice. It looks like one of my students completed the wrong form when registering. Can you please delete the entry showing: as the web url? This should be on the student list instead. I will have that student complete the form again. Thank you so much! Our class is looking forward to this challenge and connecting with students around the world!

  21. Hi there! I see that our school is still highlighted in pink ( Before beginning this challenge our permissions for comments were set to require approval. Since then we have changed our permissions to allow anyone to comment as long as they have a previously approved comment. I’m guessing that’s not going to work though. My teaching partner, Mrs. Lepre, is worried about safety issues with the general public…Can you alleviate our concerns and let us know exactly what we need to change in permissions?
    Thanks so much in helping us get this started!
    Athena Manjarrez

    1. Hi Athena,
      As not all students and classes in the challenge use the blogging platform Edublogs like you do, it means they can’t leave comments if you have it set at anything other than the first two privacy settings.
      Go to your blog dashboard> settings> reading and check site visibility – needs to be allow search engines or don’t allow search engines. Any of the other options means you need to be able to login to Edublogs. The only people who know about your blog will be those other classes on the participant list who might visit your blog as well as anyone your students may have told.

      You still have control over the comments being published – dashboard> discussion> before a comment appears> comment must be manually approved.

    1. Hi Lindsay,
      Using my iPad, I clicked on the link in your comment and it was asking me to login to view posts and comments. Somewhere in your settings you need to make them public.

        1. Hi Ms Webb,
          I just checked one of your student posts and it allowed me to make a comment. I will need to visit tomorrow to leave comments on all their posts.

    2. Hi Lindsay,
      You have now made your posts public and I can see them all from your students, but it is still asking me to login to leave a comment.

      1. Hi again,

        I was having issues with my commenting settings as they wouldn’t stick even when I changed them! After working with Sue Waters, it should be fixed now. Please try again to see if it works for you.


        Kim Lepre

        1. Looks good now Kim even without signing in to Edublogs, I can leave a comment as well as add an anti-spam word and a captcha. I will now have to visit your students to leave comments.

  22. Hi Miss W.
    My class is on the list of octobar 2015 Classes, but there are no names from my students blogs in list October 2015 students. On my blog I have student blogs on sidebar. I’m not sure if I did registration corectly, should they be on list for students or not?

  23. I registered my two classes under the class registration, but then registerd each student as a separate account. My classes will be using Kidblog for their blogging. I was not sure if the students needed separate registration or if their own blogs would be visible through the class blog. Would you know from previous years if those using Kidblog as a class can see students’ individual blogs? Thank you.

  24. I have a class blog site and my students have individual blogs I have hyperlinked on this site. I had them register as individual students, but should I also register the class blog site?

  25. Hi

    I see that me class appears twice.Please can you remove the YCICYear3Qingdao entry which is currently at the bottom of the list.

    Best regards


    1. Hi Gareth,
      Could you ask Helen the grade 3/4 teacher at your school to leave me a comment here with the correct URL for her class blog so I can make the correction on the class list?

  26. Hi everyone. We are from an International school in the city of Qingdao, in China. Our students are from all over the world. We look forward to making contact with other classes from other countries.

    1. Hi Shane,
      Nice to meet you, My name is Jad, I am a 10 years old boy, I go to Rotherglen Campus in Oakville Canada, I am in Mrs. Webb! I am from Canada, Oakville, Ontario.

  27. Hi, I saw my name was in pink but I’m not sure why. Please let me know if there are any problems via email.
    Thanks, Xanthy

    1. G’day Xanthy,
      Your country is in pink because I couldn’t leave a comment. It asked me to login first. That means you will receive no comments from anyone. PS I just went and checked again, and I could comment, so you are no longer pink. Thanks.

  28. Hey, there!
    I gave my class a generic, boring name. Can you change my class name from “ENG2D” to “Puley’s Blogtastic Lions”?

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