Week 3 A week in the life of …

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Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Anna M via Compfight

Admin to be completed first

Students: We now have about 1000 students registered for the challenge, yet many of you have registered more than once, probably accidentally or because you needed to change the URL of your blog. Could you all please check your age group on the list and leave me a comment on this post if your blog is listed more than once. Tell me your first name, your age and name of mentor or colour of group as well as URL so I can adjust the list.

Students: You should be starting to get comments now from your mentor (if allocated one) and others in the challenge. Remember it is good manners to reply to these comments to keep the conversation going. You should be moderating your comments at least once a week.

Students: To be mentioned in the flipboard magazine, you need to fill in the form at the bottom of each week’s activities. Preferably write posts rather than add to one page – you can always use categories/tags/labels to find these posts later.

Students: If your age is coloured in green on the list, it means there is something wrong with your blog – either it is private and people çan’t leave comments or the URL is incorrect. I will be deleting these blogs in early October, so please make changes and/or leave me a comment on this post.

Teachers: Thanks for all the good work you do with students in teaching them blogging skills. But I noticed a few animoto and slideshows that are not including the attribution for images used. These should be included at the end of the video etc. Here is a post which is part of the teacher challenge run by Edublogs (use any blog platform though) explaining images, copyright and creative commons. It includes links to many safe image collections.

Classes: If the name of your class on the list is coloured yellow, it means there is something wrong with the blog – generally privacy needs to be changed to allow other classes to comment or I don’t know your correct blog URL. Please leave a comment on this post once it is fixed.

This week’s activities

But before writing your post or leaving comments, please visit this post by Mr P. He has left some hints or commandments about blogging. Leave a comment on his post answering his questions. Remember to explain giving reasons why.

We are now getting down to the nitty gritty where we can start making comparisons between schools, states, provinces, countries so this week activities are based around Time in the life of …

Answer some of these questions by writing one or more posts or present using a variety of tools mentioned in the sidebar:

  1. What time do you normally get up to go to school?
  2. What do you normally have for breakfast, recess, lunch, tea (dinner, supper)?
  3. How do you get to school?
  4. How long does it take to get to or from school?
  5. A typical lunch at school
  6. Subjects you have to do – remember to explain abbreviations like LOTE and ELA
  7. Specialist subjects or electives, options
  8. Technology in your school
  9. A typical schoolday with timetable and breaks
  10. What do you do at break times? Games, activities etc
  11. School bell has gone for end of day – what happens now?
  12. Do you have to wear uniform?
  13. How many days per year are you at school? How is this arranged – terms etc?
  14. What do you enjoy most about school?
  15. If you could improve your school, what would you do?

You might like to run some surveys in your school re questions 1,3,4 and 10

Here are some examples of different web tools being used by students and classes in the challenge.

Isabella used Prezi,  Mrs Donofrio’s class used Photopeach, Mrs Rabe’s class used a mixture of their own images as well as creative commons images from compfight, Em used animoto and Google maps, Mrs Carpenter’s class used slideshare, Ariana used Picture Trail, Mrs Tucker’s class created a tagxedo, Mrs Hamman’s class created a video via Vimeo, Mrs Martinez’s class used Smilebox, Liah created a Voki, Sadie showed us what a well presented post looks like written in paragraphs and using great punctuation,

Whenever you write a post or leave a comment, remember Mr P’s commandments. The world could be reading what you have written so be very careful in what you say.

Nothing personal about yourself or anyone else, nothing about personal or family problems and definitely nothing about where you will be at a certain time on a certain date in the future.




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