Week 9: Have I improved?

Mike Trimble via Compfight So we are one week away from the end of the challenge. Do you think you have improved your blogging skills since you began earlier this year? Now is your chance to prove your skills Activity 1 Write the very best post you can for your teachers and visitors to read. Remember…Continue…Continue Reading Week 9: Have I improved?

Week 8: Games and more games

Hurca! via Compfight There are two activities this week and they are in the form of a game. They involve visiting other blogs, leaving quality comments and writing a post about the comments you left. Before playing the games, make sure your blog is ready for visitors. You have lots of interesting posts for visitors to…Continue…Continue Reading Week 8: Games and more games

Week 7: Footprints

This week we are talking about our digital footprint. Being connected with all this technology means everyone is leaving a digital footprint. Activity 1. Watch the following 2 videos then leave a comment on this post about something that you found very interesting in one of the videos. Write a post explaining the differences between the videos. Which…Continue…Continue Reading Week 7: Footprints