Visit these weeks 2 and 3

Lots of great posts being written. Classes, students and mentors have been adding links to their posts, allowing me to visit and leave a comment. I don’t think links are coming through from weebly sites so you might need to leave a comment back here at the challenge blog until I find out how to…Continue…Continue Reading Visit these weeks 2 and 3

Challenge 4 – Lots of choice

Some excellent posts being written, but I am only finding out about them by accident. Many students are still not adding a trackback or link on their post that leads back to the blogging challenge post they are writing about.       Improving your blog Instead of me writing about copyright and creative commons,…Continue…Continue Reading Challenge 4 – Lots of choice

Visit these Week 1

Each couple of weeks I check out those blogs that leave me a trackback on their posts. I go to visit and leave a comment. I also add them to my Visit These posts so you can also visit and leave comments. Digital Citizenship Jerri on cyberstalking, Mrs Ligon and her science classes, Bernard on…Continue…Continue Reading Visit these Week 1