Visitor widgets

As this week’s challenge is all about commenting, it would be a great time to have some visitor widgets on your blog sidebar. Sue Waters, from Edublogs, has a demo blog for widgets you can use. Check out her post but don’t go overboard putting hundreds of widgets on your blog. To get a widget,…Continue…Continue Reading Visitor widgets

Week 5: Culture and family

How are you going getting comments from people other than your classmates? Have you received comments from overseas visitors? Has anyone in your family left a comment? Remember you might need to teach them how to leave a comment. Activity 1: Write a post about your family – include their interests, where you might have…Continue…Continue Reading Week 5: Culture and family

Week 4: My World

Earlier in this set of challenges, we learnt all about you – your interests, your favourite foods, music and lots of other things when you wrote your ‘About’ page. This week we are going to learn all about the area or country in which you live. When you write your posts or use web 2.0…Continue…Continue Reading Week 4: My World

Week 3: Using images

Duncan Hull via Compfight   A post looks a lot more interesting if you have included an image, as long as it relates to the topic you are writing about. But where can you get these images? I’ll Google it NO NO NO Not every image on the web can be used in your blog….Continue…Continue Reading Week 3: Using images

Have fun during your break via Compfight This is not an official post for the challenge, just lots of websites to go to enjoy yourself. These teachers have lists of websites used by their students. Some of them might have login details needed. Mrs Moore (Arizona) and Mrs Hamman (Arizona) use draggo to curate their bookmarks or links. Miss Scarrott…Continue…Continue Reading Have fun during your break