About the challenge

The aim of the student blogging challenge is to connect student bloggers with a global audience while supporting teachers with their classroom blogging.

It runs twice yearly, starting in March and October, and guides the participants through blogging and commenting over 10 weeks.

The Weekly Tasks

Each week participants are given weekly tasks to choose from to increase their skills. There is a wide range of ways you can participate in the Student Blogging Challenge series:

  • Class blog – teachers and students can participate as a class. Teachers, or students, can publish their weekly tasks on their class blog or students can participate through leaving comments on posts.
  • Student blogs – individual students can participate in the challenge by publishing posts on their own student blogs and leaving comments on other students.

You can start the challenge at any time and teachers can customize the tasks to meet the needs of their class. Students do not have to complete all the tasks, one each week is acceptable, but they may do more if they wish.

The Participants

The student blogging challenge has been running since 2008. It started with 9 countries and 500 students. The October 2016 student blogging challenge involved:

  • 147 classes
  • 2453 students
  • 74 countries
  • 25 mentors

Preparing for the Challenge

If you are new to blogging we recommend you work through the Edublogs Teacher Challenge’s Blogging with students series.

The Blogging with Students series takes you step by step through the process of setting up a class blog and every thing you need to know about blogging with students.   It provides links to class blogs so you can check out how they are used by educators.

The series guides you through the process of blogging regardless of what platform you use.

There is also a student blogging bootcamp series which you can direct your students to throughout the challenge.

Our Flipboard Magazines

We curate the best posts published by student blogs and class blogs into our Flipboard Magazines.  You’ll find our Student Blogging Challenge in 2017 #17stubc here.

Our Student blogging commenters

In 2018, the role of mentors will change to commenters.

Commenters register and must be approved to help with the Challenge. They are:

  • classroom teacher or homeschool teacher
  • principal or senior staff or faculty members
  • trainee teachers
  • students who have taken part in at least two sets of previous challenges or invited by organizers
  • educational coaches or trainers
  • regular blogger about educational matters
  • children’s author with own website

You will be given five numbers and the student at that number each week is who you will visit.

Being a student blogging challenge commenter will involve:

  • Checking the new spreadsheet each week to find the five students you will visit
  • Leave comments on posts written by the students
  • Continue conversations in the comments
  • Remind them about visiting the main blogging challenge page each week
  • Contact me by email or a comment if having concerns or problems (contact is on right sidebar)

Being a student blogging commenter is a great way to learn what is involved in blogging and to see how this type of challenge could be used with your class.

Student Blogging Challenge History

Miss Wyatt began blogging in January 2008.  She began with her own personal blog and developed a class blog in March.  By the end of April, most of her students had their own blogs and the class blog was getting less use.

In September that same year, Sue Waters (editor of “The Edublogger”) and Miss W. ran a very successful international student blogging competition.  They had classes from 9 countries taking part involving about 500 students.

It was so successful, that they ran another beginning March 2009.  This was a challenge though, not a competition. This time 15 countries were involved and a total of over 1000 students ranging from grade 2 classes through to students in senior school.

The majority of individual students with their own blog were aged 12-14 while many primary or elementary classes participated using a class blog.

All the information for the blog was found on Miss W.’s class blog pages. There was one page giving links to all the challenges, another page giving links to all the participants and the final page gave a link via a google reader, to all the posts written by the participants.

Challenges were set out once a week on Miss W.’s class blog with the category ‘challenge09′ to make it easy for searching.

Because many students had already taken part in the blogging challenge, it was decided in September 2009 to extend to two challenges – one for better bloggers and another for better commenters.  Over 600 individual students and 80 classes totalling a possible 3000 students registered this time. Again we had participation from 15 countries of the world, some bloggers were only just starting, others had their blogs for over a year.

By 2010 it was decided that student blogging challenge needed its own blog!  And this is when this blog was set up.


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