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After 10 years running the student blogging challenge, I have decided to pass the baton to someone else. I have thoroughly enjoyed the conversations, writing posts and meeting thousands of students and teachers from around the world through the comments, and in some cases, face to face during my travels.

I started noticing the challenges were very much the same from year to year and those students participating in more than two sets of challenges must be getting bored or frustrated.

Over the last few years, many people have helped in the running of the challenge:

  • the students and their teachers
  • the mentors and/or commentors
  • but especially staff at Edublogs

Sue Waters (the other Miss W or Mrs W as we are often mixed up by both teachers and students), one of the managers from Edublogs, encouraged me to begin the challenge by sending out a tweet back in 2008. She has always been there in case I needed ideas or someone to write a special post. Her team at Edublogs would design the theme each year as well as the student badge to use on blogs.

Kathleen Morris, who I met through blogging with Mrs Yollis, has over the last year started writing many interesting posts for TheEdublogger relating to blogging with students.

So it is with pleasure, I now hand on the baton for the challenge to Kathleen. I am sure there will be lots of fascinating posts with different challenges as she is still a practicing teacher with a large professional learning network around the world. Find out about her on this post.

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5 thoughts on “Time to pass the baton

  1. Hi Sue
    I want you to know how important all your work on the challenge has been over the years. I had a number if groups of students who learned so much from the scaffolded experience you created. We cannot over-estimate the impact of the connections created and experiences shared. I also enjoyed mentoring students and hope it made some impact.

    Thanks for everything


  2. Thanks Sue for all your hard work in this area. You did an amazing job and what a great impact you have had on student, class and even teacher blogging. I know that Kathleen will be a wonderful replacement.

  3. Thank you so much, Sue, for all of the time, energy, and expertise you have shared with thousands and thousands of students and teachers around the world! Simply amazing and inspiring to us all.

  4. Thank you, Sue, for your dedication to this experience in bringing students into authentic communication and a more global perspective. You deserve kudos and a change!

  5. Hi Sue!
    I surely understand your wish to “pass the Baton” (I didn’t know this expression, but we have one similar to it: “passar o testemunho”).
    I just hope both of us will continue in touch, as I’m sure the thousands of students and teachers, whose connection around the world you enabled and promoted, definitely remain as a huge network weaved in friendly conversations, under the shape of a “Challenge” which has turned into a tradition that new generations will make evolve and continue in the future.
    Right now I’m out of my way, since the 25th May, trying to comply with my school’s requirements about GDPR, but I’m sure I’ll manage to be back posting my young students texts.
    I’m happy to know Kathleen will hold the Baton, with the charm of youth and her particular gift of joy. And I also feel that you will always be there as an inspiration and encouragement, as you always have been in so different kinds of Edublogs Initiatives.
    In what concerns my small participation in the Community, I thank you, with all my heart, for your precious friendship.

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