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Edit: Registrations are now closed. Join us for a new 10 week challenge beginning in October 2019. Registrations will open in September.

Scroll down to find the list of classes taking part in the March – May 2019 challenge!

(Click here to view the list of registered student bloggers.)

What can you do next?

Have you registered? If not, you can find the sign-up form and information in this post.

There are a few things you can do before the challenge begins:

  1. Check your registration: Check your details are correct on the spreadsheet and please comment on this page if any changes are needed.
  2. Visit others: Start to visit classes of similar ages whenever you have time. Leave comments on their posts. If they have student blogs on the sidebar try to comment on the student posts as well.
  3. Meet the commenters: Members of our commenting team are introducing themselves in this post. Take a look and leave one (or more) of the commenters a reply!
  4. Get your badge: Add the 2019 challenge badge to your sidebar or About page. Find instructions here. 
  5. Family note: We have a note you can print or display on your blog to explain the challenge to parents and the school community. You can find that here.
  6. Twitter: If you use Twitter to promote your blog posts or tell people about the challenge, please add the hashtag #STUBC. There is a list of Twitter commenters which you can find here.
  7. Check your settings: To take part in the challenge, your blog must be public on the web (not password protected) and visitors need to be able to leave comments on your blog posts.
    • Check these settings by opening your blog in a browser you’re not logged into (e.g. Chrome Incognito). Can you view your blog? Can you leave a comment?
    • If you use Edublogs, find out how to change your blog privacy settings here and find out about comment settings here.
    • If you’re using Blogger, make sure anyone can comment using the Name/URL option (so they don’t need a Google Account). Blogger commenting instructions are here.

The list and colour coding

Is your teacher name listed in pink? There is an issue that needs resolving. 


  • Your blog URL might be incorrect.
  • Your blog might be password protected.
  • It might not be possible to leave a comment on your blog (the challenge is all about commenting!). You might need to change your privacy settings or have your teacher help you.
  • If you’re using Blogspot, you need Name/URL as an option for leaving comments.

If you think your name should not be in pink or you have fixed the error, you can contact us via email or leave a comment on the registration post. 

Email support at edublogs dot org

Other spreadsheet information

  • The classes that have student blogs are highlighted in yellow. This makes it easier to find other classes to connect with. Look for the student blogs on the sidebar of the class blog.
  • The spreadsheet is sorted in order of age.
  • Click here to open the spreadsheet in a new tab (you might even want to bookmark it for future reference).

Tip: Control F (or Command F on Mac) will bring up a search box so you can search for your own name quickly.