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Just over one week until the student blogging challenge begins.

Are you ready to push yourself?

So far we have had over 50 classes from 10 different countries register: Australia, USA, New Zealand, Argentina, Mexico, Canada, Norway, UK, Hong Kong and UAE.  Check out their blogs on the page link on the right called ‘March 2010 classes’.

We have also had over 170 students register with their own blogs mainly from USA, Canada and Australia. Make sure you check out the link for the page on the right:   ‘March 2010 students’.   Each couple of days I will be re-sorting the list of participants so they are in order by age.

If you want to leave a comment here telling me what topics you would like to write about in the challenge, that might help me with my forward planning.

Teachers who have registered classes, I hope you have been keeping up with the pre-challenge activities for your class blog at TheEdublogger – written by the fantastic Sue Waters.

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by: Perparim Ajvazi
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  1. Hi , my ESL youth class will be blogging about the events we learn about in class. It may be related to getting employment and understanding Australian culture and people.Transport, banking, housing, health care, hospitals, jobs, education, study, courses, etc…
    They are also starting to write about their lives in their countries before arriving here.
    I have a changing group of students, so they will start and stop their blogging, some will continue.
    Thanks for the support, look forward to the challenge.

  2. For writing topics, could you havea n option to write a story? A free write kind of thing?

    • Thank you very much Clare for all your great suggestions in these posts. A free write sounds like a great idea for one of the challenges.

  3. G’Day Miss W!
    So far, I have 14 students ready to learn how to interact in our blogging community. They are learning how to post in our class blog and then how to participate in Bringing Us Together. As for the challenge itself, perhaps they will be able to comment on the participants’blogs if they are allowed.
    Although we still have no permission to blog during classes, I may show them what is “going on out there” and this has been enough to encourage them. Some are coming, in the evening,by messenger, to learn.
    Meanwhile, I apologize for having taken so long to post on Bringing Us Together: the truth is I was wrongly convinced we should be on charge from the 18th March!
    My students have been writing a list of topics on what they would like to write about; perhaps they could post this list on our class blog or simply come here and share their thoughts.
    I would like to be a helper in the challenge, so I’ll look to see if there is a special place to register as a helper.
    I hope to hear from you soon.

  4. Culturally and histocarily speaking this year is very important for lots of countries in Latin America as they will be celebrating 200 years of independence, some of them are: Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Argentina, Paraguay, Chile, El Salvador. http://www.grupobicentenario.org/

  5. Room 7 in Dunedin is learning about the impact of natural and manmade phenomonem of the beach is edges onto. We would love to share and compare our back door with others.