Each week I will be showcasing some blogs to visit. These are taken from those who leave a trackback or hyperlink to the original post not just this blog.

Let’s visit:

Argentina, Indiana, California, Secret Harbour, Iowa, California, Wellington, Comox Valley, Dunedin,California, Lawndale, California, Pachuca, California, Stonington, Canadian eventsCanada, Canada, California, Canada, Canada, Canada, Canada, On There You Know oops Ontario – sorry Ryan

Some students have asked questions. Can you answer them?


Kiko wondered about her family roots around the world.

This class in Victoria have had some great answers to their questions.  Oops, they are in Sydney, not Victoria. My apologies Mrs Miller and class. Check out the comments.

Saskia spoke about breaking down walls globally – some interesting conversation in the comments.

Keep coming back to check out this post as I will add more as other students and classes finish the activity.

10 thoughts on “My place in the world

  1. Once again my third grade class blog is a little late to the party, but we just published our post for challenge #3. It turned out to be a great opportunity to connect to our writing curriculum. Then five students read the class essay about our town for a video slideshow which I embedded.
    The challenge has been great for the students and I, we have greatly enjoyed learning from others and connecting to the wider world. Thank you!


  2. The Scoopers are really enjoying the blogging challenge! They are disappointed that they are away on camp this week and will not get to read everyone’s posts as they happen! They will be doing some serious reading when they get back!

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