10.126 UK election day polling station signphoto © 2010 Nick Anderson | more info(via: Wylio)
There are so many fantastic blog posts being written relating to the challenge activities.  Make sure you check this next lot out, especially the polls.

Previous challenges: Voicethread about Lawndale, Coleman about giftedness, the “I’s” have it, Marcy visits these blogs, must see Luna Park, Ashley’s tips for improving your blog, Theresa’s awesome image, see where Jonny lives, visit Peita for a couple of days, Tate recommends these blogs, all about Peita,

Polling: Fine arts with Abbey, sports with Teegan, book genre with Mr Carson, ducks with Miss Nichols, dogs with Janis, dolphins with Will TR,  King of pop with Michelle, leopards with Kaylita,  musical instrument with Essie,  monkeys with Mike, lollies and sweets with Miss Nichols, smoothies and islands by TJ, school subject with Indy, favourite Wimpy Kid book with Miss Y,

Story by zooming starts with aKeyboardSoda pop can, Koala,

Using images: JacquelineMarcy, ElizabethAlexander, Joe, Clay, Ben, Charlie, Matthew, Stella, Matthew, Jared, Mrs Cliff, Ms Woodward, Millie, Jonny, candy apple gallery with Millie, the fat cat story by Peita, cat and mouse story by Jonny,  Tom and Jerry by Lochie, a story in pictures by Jonny,

My day at school: Finn, Cassandra, Abbey,

Favourites: Hannah,

The game resultsCO Connections, Alexandra, Indy,

Three students in Mrs Yollis’ class have just earned their own blog.

The Scoopers have set a challenge – visit here to learn about it.

5 thoughts on “More time for visiting and leaving answers in the polls

  1. Embedding polls on blogs is sometimes not straightforward. This is because most blog sites (like blogger or wordpress) do not support javascript and most poll widgets are offered in javascript. I suggest a free poll widget site : Poll Widget.org, which provides creation of polls that can be embedded on blogs. You just have to copy paste a code generated for your poll when you fill the poll form.

    Good luck with your blog! Keep it up!

  2. Hello,

    I created a poll question and registered with the poll website however my free EduBlog does not support the poll as a widget. Instead I just have text on my side bar.

    Also, I am having osme trouble with my avatar displaying on the website and with comments.

    My blog is 8yellowmath.edublogs.org

    I am adapting the student challenge to our math classroom and have run into several hurdles with the software.

    Everything else is going well, my class is enjoying the interactive classroom, thank you.

    Mr. Z

    1. G’day Mr Z,
      Because you are using a ‘free’ Edublogs blog, you will not be able to add anything with code onto your blog. That includes polls, vokis, cartoons etc. You should though be able to add an avatar. What is wrong with your avatar – have you uploaded it from your own computer after saving it as a .jpeg file? Have you resized it to 97 x 97 pixels? That is what often stops an avatar being uploaded.

      With comments, have you changed the settings so that the administrator has to approve – rather than lots of the other checkboxes? This is what I expect my students to have on their blogs for their settings – http://sormid67.edublogs.org/2010/02/23/you-are-the-proud-owner-of-a-new-blog/

      Hope these help. Glad you are adapting the challenges to mathematical ideas.

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