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School day: Indy, Jonny, JaredLouise, ShaniaAshleyTate,

Zoom out story:  toy dog with Teegan, Huzzah,

Tutorial: adding tags with Teegan,

Grace has been writing all her challenge answers on a page rather than posts, so I haven’t received any pingbacks. Luckily I was checking her blog before writing her ICT report this weekend.

Krithika writes about the challenges of learning to blog.

Windows into 2T created a slideshow of their school day.

Can you answer Millie’s cyber safety questions?

Original image: ‘Take a step.. Unwind & Relax
Take a step.. Unwind & Relax
by: Yogendra Joshi

6 thoughts on “Have you visited these blogs?

  1. I love all the different methods you are using on your blog. I particularly enjoyed reading your students posts/articles. 🙂 My Kindergarten class loves replies so if you chat with us we would love to have more Blog Pals.

    1. Karen,
      I would love to visit your Kindergarten class but your name and avatar are not linked to a URL (check your profile page to add the link).

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