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Every week, I create a new post suggesting some blogs to visit. But remember, I need to know which blogs to add to my list. You need to add a link in your blog post to the challenge blog post where you got the idea or you need to leave a comment on my blog post.

Here are some great examples for this week.

My theme
Daria, Siabhaon, Chloe, Tamara, Mimi, Miranda,

Visit my blog

JonC, Heather, Connor, Amy, Mikaela, Kylee, Anna, sd21, Emma, Molly, Matthew, Kim, Kenneth, Melody, Oscar, Michael, Marcos, Javier, Science Girl Em, Dakota, Sahana, Gabe, Rachster, Weyshin,

Blogging makeover

Dominique, Aisling,

Recommended posts to read

Alejandro, Abbey, Teegan, Simone, Jennifer, Emily, Kyra, Aiden, Lexi, Liam, Eli (love the Tassie Devil connection lol), Jennifer, Ryan, Connor, Isaiah, Jakob, Dakota, Kaylee, Greg,

Students recommended these blogs to visit

Bree, Maria Paula, Megan, Cameron, Ta-Layza, Carter, Anna, Grace, Katherine, Zachary, TeenInk, Michelle, Sam, Hypathia, Megan, Sumayah,

Introducing our class or school

Miss T, Mark, Mr Lamb,

Thanks to the class who were advertising why you should join the challenge. I am glad students who have previously taken part are recommending others join this year.


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  17. Hi Mrs. W.

    Thanks for putting a link to my blog! I really appreciate it.

    Rachster 😀

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  26. After completing challenge 5 there were many interesting blogs.

  27. those were some great blogs I hope that everyone will have a great day of blogging

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  29. That is great about the badge. My Class went to the Student Blogging Challenge today to get stuck into Challenge number 2 but it wasn’t there. We were wondering when it will go up? Do challenges go up on certain days or is it random?

    It would be great if the challenges went up on a certain day then we could get organised for the week ahead.

    Just a thought. Keep up the great work!

    • G’day Stephen,
      They usually go up on Sunday, Australia time, but is a long weekend here and I forgot to do on Sunday. I have just published it now.

      • Yes, the long weekend can throw one out of whack! We had Labour day holiday to celebrate 8 hours of work, 8 hours of sleep and 8 hours of recreation.
        ..and of course, a Moomba parade to go to on Monday!

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  33. Hi, my class blog and students are taking part in the student blogging challenge this year and I was wondering do you have a SBC widget to put on our sidebars? Last year you had one. It would be cool if the kids had one then they could click it to go straight to the SBC website.


    • Hi Stephen,
      I have spoken to some of the people at Edublogs and a badge is in the workings at the moment.