Did you or your class remember to take part in Blog Action Day on Sunday? The topic was “Food”.

This week we are going to continue on similar topics about global issues.

What do you think are some of the worst global issues at the moment?

There might be some that are more specific to your area of the world. But this week research one of the following topics:

  • hunger
  • water
  • racism
  • use of resources
  • global warming
  • specific aspects of the environment
  • unemployment
  • war and unrest
  • use of land
  • terrorism
  • HIV/Aids
  • child labour
  • women’s rights
  • education and literacy
  • another global issue of your choice

Activity 1: For this challenge we are looking at research skills, attribution, links and creativity in how you have presented the work.

For the topic you have chosen you might want to create two or three posts rather than one very long one.

In your post, include links to where you researched and some images with attribution. You might also want to include a poll or survey, a collage of images, a slideshow you have created.

Teachers – Here are some links to where you might get some ideas – a brochure from Global Concerns Classroom, educating for global citizenship, ACEE – student voices,

Activity 2: Global issues in your classroom

Have you or your class taken part in some work associated with a global issue? Create a post about what you were involved in. Check out what some classes did last year relating to Uganda.

Activity 3: United Nations

The United Nations is an organization that also looks at some aspects or global issues. Check out their website, play some games and webquests, then write a review about what you have learned or found interesting on their site.

Activity 4: Visit other blogs

Visit at least ten other blogs not from your country. Ask questions about some of the issues they might have in their country. Make some comparisons between the countries taking part in the challenge.

Activity 5: Be creative

Use a web 2.0 tool to be creative about global issues. This might be a poll or survey, a quiz, write a poem, create a poster, draw a picture, write a story or cartoon about a super hero saving the world – just be creative.

Activity 6: Free Rice

I have just created a group at freerice.com Let’s see how many grains of rice we can earn before the end of the challenge. You will need to join freerice, then sign in and join the group called Student Blogging Challenge


74 thoughts on “Challenge 6: Global issues

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  2. Miss W i wrote a large post in my blog about women rights becouse i think it is easier, i hope it is ok!

  3. Hello Mrs W, I have joined the student blogging challenge group on freerice. I love the idea of the site and have donated 500 grains of rice so far. I will be putting on a post on my blog about this activity and hope some other people in my class which are also participating in the student blogging challenge will join our group. I think that the other members of my class will love this activity. To read my post the address is http://bbjoseph.edublogs.org/

  4. I really am participating all the time. I’m very interested to read what others have to say about their work. For me it’s a way to narrow the knowledge.

    Cheers from Rio de Janeiro.

  5. i did blog challenge number 3 and you cant post an the website so i am going to do it here. i learned alot about the use of water. I do not use kgs or most of the measurements on there so i had a hard time and i got 3 questions right so i didt do good.

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