During this last week, I have had three mentors send me messages saying they can’t leave comments on the blogs assigned to them. The reasons follow:

  • An Edublogs platform blog that asks them to login to leave a comment or read a post
  • A Blogger or blogspot blog that asks them for a Google account or similar
  • A Kidblog blog that asks them to login to read post or leave comment

It is important if you are taking part in the challenge that you have your blog open to the world to leave comments.

If using Edublogs or a campus blog: Read this post by Sue Waters to see what settings you need.

If using Blogger or blogspot: Check out this post for fine tuning your blog. This will then allow anyone to comment.

If using Kidblog: Read these posts for comment privacy, post privacy– you will need all visitors

If using Weebly: You have to actually create a blog within the setup of the weebly site. Read this post to check out how to do it. Comments can only be left on the blog part of the site.

Also remember to check your spam comments.

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2 thoughts on “Are you missing out on comments?

  1. I have had the same problems. One blog won’t let me comment as it says I need to enter the anti-spam word but there is no anti-spam word on the blog post.

    I’ve also found a few of my assigned blogs are blank or haven’t been activated.

    1. Hi Pam,
      The one without the anti-spam word – you will probably find it has ‘Çhange format’ next to your name – click on that and the anti spam word will be there.

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