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How scientific are you?

Most students nowadays are very scientific even if they don’t realise it. There are so many topics that come under the heading of science – physics, chemistry, botany, biology, astronomy, magnetism etc

The Australian science curriculum is divided into three areas:

  • Science Understanding – covers physical sciences, chemical sciences, biological sciences and space and earth sciences
  • Science as a human endeavour – development of science, use and influence of science
  • Science inquiry skills – questioning and predicting, planning and conducting, processing and analysing data and information,evaluating and communication

Activities to try

Create an A-Z about science – you might prefer to think about only one area of science. This could be a written post or maybe a collage of images you have drawn or found with creative commons licences.

Research a famous scientist from your country. Why are they famous in their field?

Write a post on a science topic you are passionate about. It might be deadly snakes, mini-beasts, Mars Landing, periodic table, vaccines, de-forestation, endangered animals, ozone layer, melting of ice caps – the list is endless. Make sure your post includes:

  • an image or video with correct attribution
  • at least one link directing your readers to somewhere else on the web where they can find more information
  • if possible, a link to a webcam relating to your topic
  • a question for your readers to answer in a comment

How did a knowledge of science help the early sea explorers? How has this changed over the centuries?

Write a post about your favourite animal. Give lots of information and include links as mentioned above.

 Try this ultimate weird but true test – can you beat my score of 4 correct on the first try?

Has your class taken part in a scientific online program like Go North, bugscope, birdwatching, saving forest, orangutans? Write a post about your experiences.

Write a post about something scientific you are doing in your classroom or at home this week.

Check out the winners in the 2012 Google Science Fair – have you ever done anything like that at your school?

These places might give you some ideas for other posts:

Visit these websites – National Geographic Australia, National Geographic USA, Australian Geographic, Discovery Channel USA, Discovery Channel Australia, YouTube Discovery Networks, NASA home page, PBS Science resources,

If doing grade 9/10 physics, chemistry, biology or earth science, check out this wikispace.

Remember to also keep visiting other student blogs especially those who don’t have a mentor listed on the participation page.

Image: ‘Charles Darwin: The Origin Of Species: 1859

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  1. We did not have computer access for our students until recently, so we were not able to officially get into the Challenge. We now have limited computer access, but my students now have their own blogs. We are going to try to do some catching up and are going to “unofficiall” work on the weekly challenges! My students’ blogs can be found on my blog at

    Hopefully we will be able to enter the Challenge in the spring. 🙂

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