I have been very impressed with the number of students who have included a pingback for me to visit their blog post. Every couple of weeks I will choose those which were very well written, showed variety in the answers or were very creative and well thought out. Make sure you visit these blogs and perhaps leave some comments on the posts.

If you read a great blog post, feel free to leave a comment on that week’s challenge post. Remember to include a link to the post I should go and read. Or you could email me with the student name and the post URL.

Remember each student who is linked in this post will receive their own pingback on their blog. A pingback usually starts with […] and then finishes with […]  Make sure you approve these pingbacks as it means someone thinks you have written a good post and they have mentioned it in one of their posts.

Alive or dead

Students: Sarah, Cullen, Noah, Eiliana, Jess, Rosemarie, Franklin, Eeshaan, Kyle, Madeline, Jerry, Hannah who loves gymnastics. Steph, Andres, Miranda, Brisa, Dharyl, Areli, Caroline, Hannah or ladybuggy, Euriel, Melissa, Letty, Stephanie, Alma, Lupita, Gio, Cindy, Angela, Daisy, Jack, Jake, Gabriel, Jessi-Rose, Jess the bookworm, Cogan, Lisa, Ezio,

I was thrilled to see so many students wanting to ask grandparents, great grandparents and other family members questions about something in their life. That is one of my hobbies – genealogy or family history.

Classes: Merrybeau, Miss Carlson (read the comments for student answers), Splashers in NZ, Blogmania,

About Me

Students: Annalee, Brayan, Ana, David, Brian, Lillian, Ruth, Gisela, Breeyana, Vanessa, Martina, Johnny, Makenzie, Laura, all students from Mrs Kriese’s class,

Classes: Teddy from Mrs Donofrio’s class, Penguins in NZ, Rebecca‘s class, class mascot Buzz, 56STEPS, The Lions, 56Torquay, students in Serbia,

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  1. Hi Miss.W i have a little problem i can’t log in so i have that little problem if you can help me please and thank you

    1. G’day Edgar,
      You don’t have to log in to my blog to leave comments or read the posts. As you are part of a campus Edublogs set up, you will have to fill in some information though when you want to leave a comment on the main challenge blog.

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