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Very early in the blogging challenge, I asked if anyone had ideas for new challenges. Amber left a comment about world leaders. So thanks to her, this week the challenges are all about being a leader.

Activity 1: Characteristics of a leader

Think about some famous leaders like Nelson Mandela, Queen Elizabeth, Mao Tse Tung and Ghandi. What makes them stand out as leaders of the world? What characteristics are common to all four leaders? Perhaps create a Venn Diagram comparing 2 or 3 of these leaders.

Activity 2: Chances for leadership

As a student, you often have chances to show leadership while at school. What are some of these leadership roles available at your school? Would you try to take on one of these roles? Why or why not?

Activity 3: Outside school

Perhaps you are part of a sport team or in the Guides or Scouts. How can you show leadership outside school and in any clubs you might be a member of?

Activity 4: Famous or Leader

Sometimes younger students might think a famous singer, musician, writer is a good leader. Name five famous people who you think show great leadership skills. Explain why and what those skills are?

Activity 5: In the family

Cesar Millan, the dog whisperer,  has a show about being “Leader of the pack.” Are the skills needed to be a leader of the pack different to being a leader in the rest of family life?

Activity 6: Leadership comic, poem or story

Create a comic, poem or story showing leadership skills being used.

Classes: Extra activities

Have a go at a couple of leadership games mentioned at these links.


Next week, we will be playing a commenting game. To take part in this game, all classes and students will need the following:

  •  a user avatar if possible
  • an ‘about me’ PAGE if using Edublogs or a post if using other platforms
  • a clustrmap or flag counter widget
  • at least four interesting posts – could be topics of your choice not necessarily from the challenge
  • your ‘Recent Comments’ widget on the sidebar with 10 comments as the choice – Edublogs
  • your ‘Recent Posts’ widget on the sidebar with 10 posts as the choice – Edublogs
  • Your ‘Pages’ widget on the sidebar or pages in the header – Edublogs
  • at least 10 student and/or classes linked on your blogroll
  • at least three overseas blogs on your blogroll
  • posts tagged or categorized to make it easier to find interesting posts on each blog
  • the more students or classes you have linked on your blog, the more fun the game will be

The most important of these are the links to other student blogs on your sidebar. Try to have a couple of different headings like

  • My Friends
  • Class Blogs
  • Overseas Blogs

Having lots of  links to student blogs from other countries will help spread the game.

Here are the instructions for adding links to your sidebars.

EdublogsBloggerKidblog – not sure if this widget goes on the class page or each student page

Have you written lots of interesting posts for your visitors to read next week?

Use this week to get some written or use some new tools to create some stories to add to your blog posts.

14 thoughts on “Week 7: Leadership

  1. Hi Mrs. W! I know it may be a little late but I was wondering if you would consider my blog for your magazine. I constructed a poem about leadership and I would love for other people to get a look at it, and the rest of my blog of course. So here is the link to my post!

    Thank you for your consideration!

    ~Hayden x.

  2. Hi Miss W!! Great activities for these challenges! Thank you so much for your time and effort. Could you please come and visit my blog if have any spare time? Visit my blog at

    1. Hi Everyone!
      My posts for activities 1, 5 and 6 can also be found at that link!

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