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We are now into week 8 of the challenge and it is time to make sure you have been visiting lots of blogs. In fact I am publishing this post earlier than normal so you have extra time to get organized for the game and to visit lots of other blogs.

Before you start, please make sure you have at least 5 other student blogs linked on the sidebar of your blog or in a recent post that your visitors can find easily. Make sure these are blogs from other students around the world, not just those in your class or school. Perhaps have a blogroll or link category called Global students or Global classes. Here is how to add a blogroll if using Edublogs or Blogger. If using Kidblog write a post mentioning at least 5 great blogs you enjoy visiting.

Game week is all about visiting other blogs.

Student and class blogs – new bloggers and old hands at the blogging – mentors as well as participants.

Remember one of  the main aims of blogging includes commenting and carrying on conversations with the author of posts and their other readers.

A good commenter will have:

  • read the post carefully,
  • checked out the links in the post
  • read the previous comments before they leave one of their own
  • added to the conversation with a quality comment – remember that video from Mrs Yollis’ class.

Game rules

This is a game we have run for many challenges and allows you to connect globally.

Those who have taken part in a challenge before know the game of  ‘Count Out Three’. Here are the instructions:

  • click on a blog on the student list or class list– count one
  • now click on a blog from their blogroll – count two
  • finally click on a blog from that blogroll – count three

Leave a comment on an interesting post at this third blog.

Do this activity at least three times and finally, write your own post saying which blogs you visited and which posts you left a comment on. Why did you choose that post? Remember to include a link back to the post you left a comment on.

Nominate Nominate Nominate

You will notice in the title of this post the word nominate.

Every year at this time, students and classes get a chance to nominate the best student blog and best class blog for this years Edublog Awards. Here is a link to the awards blog, where you will find instructions on how to nominate in each category. Notice you can’t nominate yourself and you can only nominate once in each category. This means you need to really think that person’s blog is the very best that you have been reading this year. Perhaps you could check out the previous winners.

How to find great blogs to nominate:

  1. Check out the student/class lists on the challenge
  2. Read comments from students in the blogging challenge posts and visit their blogs.
  3. Check out posts in the flipboard magazine by clicking on the title of the post to go to their blog.

Once you have nominated

I would like you to write a post telling me who you nominated and why. Then come back here to leave a comment telling me you have written that nomination post.

Notice there is a time limit to when you can get your nomination in.

Next week is our penultimate week  for the September challenges.

It will be a chance for you to show what you have learnt about blogging in the last three months. You will be asked to write a post, including an image with attribution, links to at least two other websites where you found your information to use in your post as well as use another web tool.  The topic will be set next week. See you then.

40 thoughts on “Week 8: Game and nominate

  1. Hi Miss W,
    I am writing to tell you that I have finished challenge number 9. I had so much fun making links and playing the game.


    1. G’day Erica,
      You did a great job with the nomination post explaining why you nominated a certain person in that category. I also enjoyed your count out three game post.

  2. Hello ms.W I completed the activity
    For week 8. I went to Hayden’s blog, Riley’s blog, and cloies blog.

  3. Hi, Miss W.
    I had some trouble doing the activity, because there are some blogs doesn’t have any blog rolls.

  4. I am delighted to let you know that I have nominated Sophie’s blog in the annual Edublogs Awards #eddies14 She is the only student in my class, 6T, to participate in the Student Blogging Challenge this year. Her blog has been consistently excellent, well written posts, clear layout, categories and tags. What more could I ask for? Sophie has continued with the Blogging Challenge since September without fanfare or much recognition. That impresses me as a student who is determined and persistent even when things may be hard or seem unnecessary. So well done Sophie.

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