I have started allocating mentors to students over the last couple of weeks.

There is one problem they are having.

They can’t leave comments on some blogs because of the privacy settings you have set up on your blogs.


This is especially for those using Blogger or Blogspot.

Can you please make sure that Name/URL is an option on all blogger blogs when leaving a comment?

I will be checking these over the weekend and will be putting countries in bright pink if comments can’t be left on those blogs.


Some Edublogs or campus setup blogs also are not allowing comments.

Can you please make sure visitors don’t have to login to leave a comment?

I will be checking these over the weekend and will be putting countries in bright pink if comments can’t be left on those blogs.

16 thoughts on “Teachers and students please read this

  1. Hello Miss W. and fellow class blogging teachers,

    My students had a wonderful surprise this week when, one morning, every student in both of my classes received a comment from across the country thanks to the burgeoning bloggers in Mrs. Rombach’s (http://mrsrombachreads.edublogs.org/) 6th grade classes!

    We used Google drive to exchange class lists of students (First name and blog title), and it proved a great way to begin a dialogue. We’d love to pay to favor forward, so (teachers or students) drop us a line via the contact form on our class blog!

    Best regards,

    Matt Jewell

  2. mrsrombachreads | March 13, 2015 at 12:40
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Howdy, Miss W-

    We’ve added another post for Week 2’s challenge. Check it out at: http://mrsrombachreads.edublogs.org/2015/03/12/student-blogging-challenge-2-questions-for-our-visitors/. We’re having a blast leaving comments around the globe. 🙂 A couple of my students who signed up don’t have a mentor yet. Do you need more mentors? I could take another 10 students if you like. 🙂

    Mrs. Rombach

    1. Thanks for offering to mentor some more students, Mrs Rombach. I have given you ten more 11 year old students. Same colour as your first group.

      1. Hello, my name is Scotty and I’m in 6th grade. I really like the student blogging challange! But I don’t get the challange, is there any ranks?, and if there is, where you find them?

        1. Hi Scotty,
          The challenge is all about improving your blog, your writing skills and making connections with other students overseas. There are no rankings, it is totally up to you to show improvement.

  3. Dear Miss W.
    Can I be in the student blogging challenge. I can’t wait to do it. I am in Mrs. Amir’s class in Oregon.

    From, Matthew

    1. Matthew,
      Any student with their own blog can take part in the challenge. If you register now though, you might not get a mentor but you can still do all the activities.

    1. G’day Olivia,
      Because you registered once the challenge had started, you probably won’t get a mentor as there are over 1500 students ahead of you. I haven’t had many people offer to mentor this year, maybe some of your teachers could take on ten or so students.

  4. I just posted a comment on another page of the challenge about students getting an error message. Some can post fine, others get an error that they are posting too fast (after only clicking once). My page is https://msvotaw.edublogs.org

    1. Ms Votaw,
      If you have a class of students leaving a comment on the same post of your blog and they all submit the comment at roughly the same time, they will get the error message. That is why it is suggested they copy their comment before they hit the submit button. That way, if they get the error message, they only have to paste in their comment rather than write it all again.

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