Because we had two posts last week and I know many students from the northern hemisphere  are on Spring Break around this time, I have decided that this week will be free choice.

You might want to:

  • catch up on the posts from the last couple of weeks – about me, avatar, commenting, guidelines, visiting and commenting, earth hour
  • comment on other student or class blogs
  • write your own post about something of your choice – use #16stubc somewhere in the post so I know it relates to the challenge




We are coming up to nearly a month of the challenge and as I mentioned in one of the earlier posts, some students will be taken off the student list over Easter (next weekend) if they have not completed certain activities.

Why do I do this?

We have over 2500 students registered for the challenge but less than half of them get to have a mentor. So if students are not doing the challenge activities I feel they don’t deserve to have a mentor.

Which students will be taken off?

Students who already have mentors need to have completed the following to be left on the list:

  1. An about me page or post
  2. One other post related to the challenge
  3. Settings on their blog must allow comments to be left by anyone
  4. The URL of their blog must be correct on the list


I will be asking you to check the students on your list to see that they have completed the above things. If they haven’t could you please email me the names of students I should be taking off your list.  I will add new students to your list if any are taken off. If you can take extra students please notify me as well.


I will be removing classes with incorrect URLs or those where the settings don’t allow comments – these are with pink countries. I am presently putting mauve colour on those classes where student blogs are listed on the sidebar. This makes it easier if teachers want to pair up students for commenting.


Please contact me via email if you think your students should be left on the list even if they have only completed their about me post – maybe you have only had one computer lesson in the lab then have been on spring break. I will make allowances for other school activities that might have stopped your class participating in the challenge.

56 thoughts on “Week 3: Free choice

  1. Hi Mrs.W,
    I was absent all of the week before Easter vacation and then I was on Easter vacation For one week so I did not get to comment to you, so I am going to try to catch up!
    For my free choice I chose to write about student council. (I will leave the link on the bottom)
    It would mean a lot to me if you could read it, Thank you!

    Thank you SO much -Hailey

  2. Dear Ms.W i have made a blog called Kaliyah&Hawaii and if you were wondering Kaliyah is my name and my blog is talking about how my name and Hawaii are realated heres the link please enjoy and have a great day!

  3. Hi Miss W, I have a new avatar as you can see in this comment, you can also see my avatar on my homepage! Here’s the link
    I also have an About me page that you can. Here is that link
    I also wrote a post about Offline and Online me, This is the link
    I also recently put up the new Student Blogging challenge badge. I went to the student blogging challenge homepage and copied and pasted into widgets, to see the rest of my blog, you can click the fist link at the top. Thanks! -Mary

  4. My students reflected on drama performances they were able to observe during school. It was an authentic audience experience for them and for the Drama Class and Group Interpretation Class students who were able to read and comment on their performances before they were judged at competition. Here is the link to my description and student individual blogs are on the right side rail.

  5. Hi Miss W,
    Here is the list of who hasn’t done what:

    Christian does not have an About Me page
    Cidney has not updated since 2015
    Elise has not done any Student Challenge challenges
    Elizabeth has not done any Student Challenge challenges
    Ella has not done any Student Challenge challenges
    Harmony has done a Student Challenge challenge and an About Me page, but I can’t access her Avatar post for some reason…?
    Howard has not done any Student Challenge challenges
    Jada does not have an About Me page, and has not done any Student Challenge challenges
    Jahvarie has not done any Student Challenge challenges
    Kaleo has not done any Student Challenge challenges
    Maxi has not updated since 2015
    Melissa has not done any Student Challenge challenges
    Riana has an incorrect blog address registered, and has not done any Student Challenge challenges. I asked Riana (I know her), and she said she was having trouble with her blog. I also know her correct blog address, which is
    Romie has not done any Student Challenge challenges
    Yasmin does not have an About Me page

    Was I supposed to remind them about this? If I was, then sorry, I didn’t remind them


    1. Hi Brianna,
      I have been through your list and taken out those that didn’t have the correct posts. DO you want me to give you some more students further down the list that I know are doing the challenges?

      1. Hi Miss W,
        Sure, I would love to have more students who do the challenges! I’d prefer to have about 20 students, but I can have up to 27 students to mentor

        1. G’day Brianna,
          I have added some more 10 year old students to your list. All of them have at least one or more posts from the challenge. They are in the same colour a bit further down the list from your present group.

  6. hello everybody I have completed week one and week two challenges and I am happy to be a part of this blogging challenge.

  7. Hello Miss.W,
    It is Ella.
    I had so much fun last week making my info graphic on making a good comment!I thought it was good for my first one!Here is the link to my info graphic: . Also, My free write is about our OOTM [Odyssey of the mind ] a creative problem solving team competition. It was so fun! Here is a link:

  8. Hello Miss.W,
    I had so much fun making my info graphic last week for the blogging challenge! I loved it! It was my first info graphic ever and I think that I did pretty good for my first try!Also for the free choice I did it about our OOTM creative problem solving competition!
    Here is a link to my post this week:
    Here is a link to my poslast weekt:
    Here is my blog link:

  9. Dear Ms.Wyatt,

    Once again, I have the greatest admiration for you for organizing this challenge. It is a great undertaking. I know how much time visiting the 28 blogs that you assigned me to mentor takes, so can only imagine how much of a commitment it is for you to manage nearly 100 times that many as there are 2,500 individual students taking part not to mention the class participants. And to do this twice a year!

    I have just sat down and visited my 28 students for the third time this year and left them messages. This is my third year mentoring. I don’t have your stamina so only do this once a year. I look forward to it … and then I get demoralized. Perhaps this varies with the age group but I am finding that of the eleven year old students I am assigned on average 10% are really ‘on board’ with the challenge and that less than a third reply in any shape or form to the messages I post.

    I suppose what gets to me is the students without mentors…most especially those that are really committed to the challenge or those who perhaps with a little bit of encouragement from a mentor might come on board.

    I wonder what the experience of other mentors has been.

    I know you will be taking students who are not participating off the list after Easter and think this is a wise idea.

    I think the Student Blogging Challenge is a great enterprise and a marvellous opportunity for students to develop their blogging skills. I know my class got a lot out of it when we did it, learning about good quality comments, copyright and online safety and making connections with other bloggers all over the world.

    Thank you for your patience,
    With every good wish, Merry Beau.

  10. Dear Ms.W I made an about me page here is the link, I left comment on derek’s post here is the link, I made an avatar, and I made a free choice post here is the link I made the free choice post because of a scholastic news article, and I was wondering if you could delete the comment I made on the march 2015 student challenge.

  11. Hi Miss W,
    This week I wrote about Student Council. At the end of my post I asked for people to tell me about their school leadership opportunities, and I already got a comment from a student named Grace in New Zealand!
    Thank you for having me in the challenge. It has been exciting to comment to students from all around the world. Have a good Easter! (Dulce)

  12. Hi my name is Kira from Skyline schooling am in 4th grade and I saw your blog and wanted to write about Volkswagen.

    Volkswagen Is a car company that has sold over 5 million cars to fifteen countries in the world. Volkswagen Cars from Nissan, Fiat, Volvo and other places have all been found to emit substantially higher tested in more realistic driving conditions, according to new data seen by the guardian. Research compiled by Adac, Europe’s largest motoring organization shows that some of the Volkswagen cars explained that they released over 10 times more pollution than normal.
    Volkswagen could be in big trouble because families that work for the company might be fired because of what happened, but it was not there fault because they did not make the cars so they were tricked to. Also the company had to give back all the money and take the cars now Volkswagen is in big trouble one of the biggest car companies is going downhill.
    Not only they company is in trouble but so is Germany the Volkswagen company is mainly in Germany so the place is most polluted. So more than 1,000 people died because of all the pollution and more of it is coming. So I think they should force Volkswagen to shut down so all the smoke will go away I also think that the world should have a no cars day where they all walk and ride bike. That is what I think should happen to Volkswagen and what the world should do also that is what I think about Volkswagen and what could happen to the company. I think they should get punched and not open the company ever again.

    1. Hi Meghana,
      I read that you had run a blogging session in your class and used Canva as part of it. Well done! That is a site I haven’t used yet. I will certainly be checking it out soon.

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