In one of the last challenge posts, I asked for nominations of great blogs. Because there are no Edublog awards this year, I have decided to add to this post all those blogs you have nominated and who nominated them.

Please visit these blogs and decide why some students thought they were great. Now read the post written for the nomination.

Is your blog on this list?

Remember to keep coming back as I add more blogs that have been nominated to each list.

Student blogs

Jayden – nominated by Margaret

Thanumi – nominated by Maria’s English on the spot students, Summer, Danika,

Jagga – nominated by Anisha, Rit,

Jada – nominated by Sabrina

Alyssa – nominated by Aya

Seb – nominated by Fauzan, Marianne Ella,

Alexandra – nominated by Karah

Anna – nominated by Philip – need to be Edublogs user to read Anna’s blog

Jennifer – nominated by Thunyama

Be That Girl – nominated by Angela

Abby – nominated by Tosita

Eli – nominated by Hannah

Ella – nominated by Emily

Louisa – nominated by Bryan

Fernando – nominated by Ashton

Ryan – nominated by Ryder

Ella – nominated by Leila


Class blogs

Story behind a photo – nominated by Owen

Eugene’s SA blog – nominated by Maria’s English on the Spot students

5C in Qatar – nominated by Emily


13 thoughts on “Great blogs to visit

  1. Hello Miss W,
    I know that you have to have done 2 challenges to be able to be a mentor, but I really want to be a mentor for march because i’m going to middle school next year and it’ll be hard to blog. I understand if I can’t, but ‘i just thought I should notify you.

    I too want to participate can can you give the topics if you don’t mind me join too..!

    REGARDS hadiya54917

  3. sorry to disturb but I am a student who learned edublogs from my school we are learning this I am new the posts which are posted by me the topic is given by my teacher can you explain more deatil

    1. Hello Hadiya,
      I run this challenge twice every year – March and October. I set activities each week and teachers/students can choose which to do. They write the posts in their own blogs then come back here to leave me a link so I can visit.

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