Many thanks to those teachers who are allowing their students to take part in the March 2017 student blogging challenge.

There are many comments being left on the challenge posts but some students are only leaving the URL of their blog rather than the URL of the specific post or page they want me to visit. Also some posts I go to visit, but I need to login to view the blog or post.

If you are using Edublogs or WordPress platform, there have been some changes made to the default settings from previous years. This means I often can’t flip a great post to the blogging challenge magazine.

To change these settings, do the following:

  1. On your main blog dashboard> settings> reading>  site visibility to allow search engines. Save the changes.

Now if you are using ‘My Class’, you also need to do the following:

  1. Dashboard> My Class> settings> Privacy> Allow all visitors to all blogs. Then save the changes. This may take a while as it has to update this setting to each student blog attached to your main class blog.

Please check previous challenge posts to see if any of your students are mentioned in the list of posts I couldn’t publish to the magazine. If they are there, then you probably need to change your settings as mentioned above.


6 thoughts on “Teachers: please read this

    1. Hi Susanne,
      On your main blog under your own settings (not the My Class ones), have you also checked settings> reading> site visibility> allow search engines?

      1. I also had this issue with my students and we followed the instructions to allow search engines, but the option for “allow search engines to index this site” is not active; we cannot select it.

        1. Thanks Laura,
          I will pass this on to Sue Waters and see what she can find out for us. Are your student blogs connected to your acce blog via the My Class setup?

  1. Coming into this a little late, can you help me connect up with a class or two? I love the lessons and want to take part, too.

    1. Hi Patti,
      If you look above the header you will see a page titled 2017 March classes. This is a list of classes that have registered their class blog for the challenge. If you have a class blog and want to register, there is also a page next to it saying register here or something similar.

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