I received an email from one of the teacher’s whose class love commenting  but they used to visit the challenge post and look at the comments left there. With our change in commenting not many comments are being left on each post. Instead they are being added to the weekly Google form at the end of the weekly post.

So I will be adding a link on the sidebar for each week’s posts written by students. Some will have been commented on already and some may not. Please visit first those without a comment.

Teachers, if your class would like to comment on a certain number of posts, please contact me and I will add you to the comment list.

Students who have taken part in the challenge before and would like to leave comments may also contact me.

4 thoughts on “Something changed

  1. Hi everyone! I am Rose, and I live in Australia. I am 11 years old and I like netball and dancing. I love sports and I play lots of different types. I also like to read and one of my favourite series is Harry Potter.

    I am very excited to continue on this blogging journey!

  2. Thanks! We love seeing what this year’s students have done without having to visit 15 blogs before we find one that did the challenge of the week! What a great idea.

    Mrs. Vazquez

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