I was recently visiting the blog of 11 year old Lauren from Adelaide, South Australia.

I noticed she had some cool headers showing up on her blog and they change as you navigate the blog.

Screenshot of Lauren's blog

I asked Lauren how she did this and she put together a quick video to share with you all!

She made her images using Canva and her blog is with Edublogs.

Any feedback for Lauren?

Lauren is happy to hear any feedback or answer any questions. You can leave a comment on this post or head to the original post on her blog and leave a comment there.

>>Go to Lauren’s post

Do you want to make a student tutorial?

I’d love to publish some more student tutorials here on the STUBC site.

If you’ve figured out how to do something on your blog (or on a web tool that you can add to your blog), feel free to make a tutorial, either with text/images, a slideshow, or a video.

Share it with me via a blog comment, an email, or Twitter and I’ll see if we can include it on the site!


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