Since 2008, the Student Blogging Challenge has run twice yearly, beginning every March and October.

The 25th Student Blogging Challenge was scheduled to begin in October, however, 2020 has proved to be a year like no other.

Due to the pandemic and subsequent changes happening in education throughout the world, the Student Blogging Challenge is on pause for now.

But don’t despair! If you’re interested in ending the year with a challenge, we’ve got ideas for you.

We’ve taken 10 of the best Student Blogging Challenge prompts from recent years for you to work on at your own pace. Perhaps you could aim to do one a week over 10 weeks, or pick and choose the challenges that suit you.

You’ll also have the opportunity to have an authentic audience by sharing your work with our volunteer commenters.

👉🏽 Click here to read the full post on The Edublogger where you can learn more and check out the prompts

Graphic summary of challenge change in format

5 thoughts on “Take Part In Our Self Paced October Challenge

  1. Hi Kathleen-

    I’m an 8th grade English teacher who’s still blogging with her students, but I am having such a difficult time identifying other teachers/students who are blogging. In the past, we’ve always participating in the Student Blogging Challenge…and there was the class and student list which we could find countless blog to comment upon. Now, however, I’m struggling to find classroom across the country or globe to communicate with. Do you have suggestions for classes or students we can connect with when we return to classes in January? Thanks so much!

    Martha Rombach, River Bend Middle School
    Sterling, Virginia (35 miles west of Washington, D.C.)

    1. Hi Martha,

      Yes, it is a difficult time on so many levels. I have continued to blog with a handful of my kids, but it is slow going. Like you, we enjoyed connecting with other classes via the Student Blogging Challenge.

      I would put a call out on Twitter to see if any middle school teachers are blogging and would like to connect. Add @Edublogs to the tweet.

      You are free to connect with my students, but they are only 8 years old, so the subject matter is going to be quite different.

      One thing I do is have the kids comment on each other’s blogs. It is a great way to develop quality commenting. You can monitor and encourage the development of the skill. My students love comments no matter where they come from!

      Here is a link to my beginner bloggers if you are interested:

      Happy Blogging!


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