Week 5: Free choice

Pedro Luna Guillen via Compfight The first few weeks of the challenge were mainly learning  about blogging skills you need when working on public sites on the internet. You should have learnt the following so far: Avatars – what they are, how they are used, how to create one and upload to your blog About…Continue…Continue Reading Week 5: Free choice

Week 4: Global issues

Carlos ZGZ via Compfight Think globally, act locally Locally My recycling bin has more in it every week than my normal rubbish bin. I have a worm farm that chews up any extra fruit and vegetable rubbish I might have left over. Whenever I go for a walk, I pick up any rubbish especially on…Continue…Continue Reading Week 4: Global issues

Heads Up

The post next week is all about global issues but there are some interesting events happening this week that you might want to take part in ready for the activities in next week’s challenge. This is an excellent website showing what happens every day of the year. These are some for this coming week: March…Continue…Continue Reading Heads Up

Week 3: Images, videos and music

  Admin for this challenge Thanks to all those students, teachers and commenters who have been checking the student list for students mentioned more than once. If you haven’t checked yet, please make sure you are only listed once. Commenters and I have visited hundreds of blogs recently. We have left a comment, or flipped the…Continue…Continue Reading Week 3: Images, videos and music

Something changed

I received an email from one of the teacher’s whose class love commenting  but they used to visit the challenge post and look at the comments left there. With our change in commenting not many comments are being left on each post. Instead they are being added to the weekly Google form at the end…Continue…Continue Reading Something changed