My nominations

I am having to do a lot of thinking about who I am going to nominate for this year.  There are so many great student, class, teacher and new blogs out there but I have to get it down to just one in each section. So here we go: Best new blog or best student…Continue…Continue Reading My nominations

Challenge 10 – Evaluate

I am sure that your teachers ask you to evaluate your work at the end of a topic. We are doing the same here in the challenge. You also have the chance to nominate blogs for the Edublog Awards. Nominations close on 26th November, so get in early and check what you have to do…Continue…Continue Reading Challenge 10 – Evaluate

Challenge 9 – using language

This is our penultimate challenge – appropriate use of language since this week looks at the subject of English or language arts. The Australian English curriculum is divided into three areas: Language, Literature and Literacy. Students are assessed in listening, reading and viewing as well as speaking, writing and creative. This week’s activities will include…Continue…Continue Reading Challenge 9 – using language

Challenge 7 – the sciences

Sorry I am late getting this post out, but a few problems with my computer. How scientific are you? Most students nowadays are very scientific even if they don’t realise it. There are so many topics that come under the heading of science – physics, chemistry, botany, biology, astronomy, magnetism etc The Australian science curriculum…Continue…Continue Reading Challenge 7 – the sciences