Week 8: Games

Before playing the games, make sure your blog is ready for visitors. You have lots of interesting posts for visitors to read and comment on. Visitors can find posts by using tags or categories on your sidebar. You have a visitor widget to see where your visitors are coming from. You have at least five…Continue…Continue Reading Week 8: Games

Week 6: Time to visit

Hurca! via Compfight There are two activities this week and they are in the form of a game. They involve visiting other blogs, leaving quality comments and writing a post¬†about the comments you left. Admin this week I have asked mentors to get back to me with those students who have not been doing the…Continue…Continue Reading Week 6: Time to visit

Week 8: Game time

Before you start, please make sure you have at least 5 other student blogs linked on the sidebar of your blog, in a page near your header area or in a recent post that your visitors can find easily. Make sure these are blogs from other students around the world, not just those in your…Continue…Continue Reading Week 8: Game time

Week 8: Game time

More Good Foundation via Compfight I loved reading your posts about things in nature you are passionate about. So many of you wrote about space and the universe. One student Rachel, wants you to visit her post,¬†create your own planet and leave the answer in her comment area. Her instructions for this are below the…Continue…Continue Reading Week 8: Game time

Week 7: Let’s play a game

Jabiz Raisdana via Compfight Scotty has a blogging goal and this week’s activity could help him achieve it. I am not sure how many of you have been out and about visiting other blogs and leaving quality comments. But that is the idea of this week’s game. Before you start, please make sure you have…Continue…Continue Reading Week 7: Let’s play a game