Teachers, after having run the student blogging challenge three times, I am getting a feel for those things that need to be done BEFORE your class actually takes part in the challenge.

Have you created a class blog? There are many different platforms to use but instructions in these challenges will be for those teachers and students using Edublogs.

On your class blog, do you have a map or list of where visitors are coming from to read your blog? Checkout clustrmaps and flag counter.

If your students have their own blog, have you created a blogroll (also known as adding links) to make it easy for your readers to visit their blogs?  If you are unsure about this, check out the link on the sidebar called “Edublogs Help and Support”.

Also check out “The Edublogger” where Sue Waters is going to give a countdown of activities  for teachers to do ready to  have classes taking part in the student blogging challenge this year.

Attribution: Original image: ‘Starting line
by: Jon Marshall   Released under an Attribution License

2 thoughts on “Is your class taking part?

  1. YES!! Looking forward to the new challenge. After a rocky start in 2009 with all sorts of issues, I just said to the kids today that we are back on track and will be blogging regularly from now on.

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