Time is running out and the penultimate challenge is about to start. I hope you have enjoyed the challenges for this first part of the year. Remember another set of challenges will start in September 2010. Perhaps you will also join then.

So what can we do for this – the second last challenge?

Most blogs you have visited have been either classroom blogs or other blogs written by students taking part in the challenge. This time I am going to direct you to a few  interesting infographics I have found relating to teenagers and their use of the web.  Look at these infographics and write a post mentioning:

  • your opinion of the information on the graphic
  • how well do you fit into that infographic
  • is this typical of your friends

How are teens using their cell phones – remember you can go back to the article and leave a comment.

Look at the growth of facebook over the last 6 years

How often do you check twitter and facebook or take a phone message?

What type of online user are you?

Leave a comment here about which infographic you found most interesting and why.

Reminder, next week we are going to ask you to nominate one student blog and one class blog that you feel is outstanding and deserving of an Edublogs award at the end of the year. Make sure you have visited lots of blogs that are not from your school, as you will not be able to nominate anyone from your school.

I suggest you check out the list of student blogs and class blogs on the sidebar and see if you feel any are as good as or better than those that won last year. Check out 2009  nominations here: class and student.

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5 vor 12
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60 thoughts on “March 2010: Challenge 9

  1. I really can’t decide between one of them, they were all interesting. “How are teens using they cell phones?” was my favorite I think… But I think I’ll write about them all. The facebook one was interesting too, it has grown a lot!! I learned from that too 🙂

  2. I found that the statistics for teen cellphone use were most interesting because the amount of kids my age who use cellphones really shocking.

  3. Facebook infographic does not show Australia with any statistics, unfortunately- but I know my own children would make this graph sky rocket when it gets updated! I really like the online infographic, you can see straight away the whole picture, glasses for aged and all!Ha!!LOL
    The other ones need a bit more ‘thought-power’ to get your head around. Very interesting lesson!!

  4. Hi Mrs. Wyatt,
    In my challenge 9 post, I used the facebook link because I found that really interesting!
    Thankyou, Tara.

  5. I wrote about facebook because I have facebook and I think it is the most interesting and it connects with me aswell. Cheyenne

  6. The graph about what kind of online user you are is accurate because it is true that most 12-17 year olds go on social networks or watch videos. But, we do this because when we get home we dont want to gather info or review we want to stay connected to our friends. And watch videos that entertain us. And if we can’t do either we usually log off and stay inactive. Until we are able to again. So, in the end the graph is true.

  7. I used the cell phone chart for my challenge nine post and I tihnkn it is amazing how many teens have cell phones.

  8. I found the infographic about what people do on the internet the most interesting. I had no idea that so many people were involved with blogging, social networks and other websites, especially the older generations. Morgan

  9. I think that the Online User is most interesting. I think that it is interestin because it shows us abiout how much people goes online and how long they are on the computer.

  10. I liked the cell phone graph becases it is cool tosee how many people have a cell phone so mabye I can convins my mother to get herself a new phone so I can have the old one.
    My fingers a crossed!

  11. I liked the “What online user are you graph” because could tell what people are doing on the internet and, what are there maxium ages.

  12. I enjoyed the one with the cellphone graph because it shows what people do with their phones.

  13. I found on-line user the most interesting. Because I like to see what most people do when their younger to older. It was fun to see what I was and other people were.

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