So you have now visited lots of blogs and there are some that you want to visit all the time. How can you do this easily?

One option is to subscribe to that blog’s posts.

  1. You can subscribe by email – every time a new post is written you will be sent an email telling you about it, so you can visit and read the post and leave a comment.
  2. You can subscribe by using a reader or personalised homepage like Google Reader, Pageflakes, Yahoo Pipes, Netvibes – this time when a post is written it will be added to your reader or homepage – you will need to visit  often to see if there are any new posts from your friends.

On the top right corner of this blog you will see the orange button which is for the RSS feeds using a reader and you will also see the Feedburner service for email subscribers. On your meta widget on your sidebar there is usually a post/entries RSS feed and a Comment RSS feed which can be used as well.

Sue Waters wrote a post for teachers on how to create a folder in Google reader that might be helpful.

Second option is to have a link to your favourite blogs on your blogroll. You should have done this activity a couple of weeks ago.

Activities for this week:

  • Make sure your meta widget is visible on your blog so your readers can subscribe from there.
  • On your blog, add a Feedburner subscribe by email and reader widget. Or leave a note in a text box telling your readers to subscribe using the meta widget RSS posts. You will need to have a Google account to use these – so check with your parents first.
  • Subscribe by email to at least three blogs you want to read all the time. If under 13, you will need to just add the URLs to your blogroll.
  • Count out three – click on a blog on your blogroll (1), now click on a blog from their blogroll (2) and finally click on a blog from that blogroll (3) – leave a comment on a post at this blog.  Do this activity at least three times and write a post saying which blogs you visited and what posts you left a comment on. Why did you choose that post?
  • Write a post about how you can attract readers to your blog.  If you have been blogging for a while, write a set of tips for new bloggers about attracting a world wide audience.
  • Still more time, write a post of your choice – music, sport, holidays etc Include an image with attribution.
Original image: ‘RSS Combined
RSS Combined
by: Kyle Wegner
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