So, you can’t wait until the challenge starts?

You want to start connecting with other students RIGHT NOW.

Well here are a couple of sites you might want to visit.

Bringing us Together was created after the first blogging challenge because the students wanted to keep in touch. We haven’t been using it for a while but maybe you can find something there you would like to comment on.Maybe you would like to write a post ready for other students to comment on.

A teacher in Sydney, Australia has just set up a student Blogging Cafe. You might like your class to join the cafe, so students during their lunch hour or a spare half hour could complete some of the short challenges and activities.

Of course, you could always start reading and commenting on class and student blogs listed for September 2010 linked on the header. If using Internet Explorer and checking out class blogs, please use the link saying ‘use IE’.

So far, as at 3pm on Thursday 9 September, we have over 250 student blogs and 100 class blogs from about 10 countries registered for the challenge.

2 thoughts on “Want to connect now …..

  1. Hi Miss W, I was just thinking that if the blog challenge starts in a week we will actually be on school holidays….I’m sure you’ve thought of that…will we just pick up the challenge when we return from holidays?

    cheers, Sam

    1. Hi Sam,
      Yes the first challenge is published 20th September, and if any one is on holidays just start when you get back. Often the first couple of challenges are basics like themes, ‘About’ pages, avatars so can be done at any time.

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