How are you enjoying the challenge activities so far?

Have you had to sign up for any web 2.0 tools you used in your posts or sidebar?

What information did you give when you filled in their forms for signing up?

Did you check the Terms of Service and privacy policy pages for the tools?

If you are under 13 did you get teacher or parental approval to join?

Activity 1. Watch video and write post about your digital footprint

Watch this video, thinking about what might be included on your digital dossier or digital footprint.

  • What sites have you joined on the internet?
  • How much information did you give them when you joined?
  • Have you filled in more than the *asterisk questions?

Google your name or nickname but include your town as well.

  • What did you find?
  • Are you on the web for sports teams, named in newspapers and where else?
  • How many cookies or footprints are you leaving behind?



Check out these student’s digital footprints from the last challenge: Naomi, Emily, Sahiba, Allie, Jennifer, Shania, Adam, Heather, Marshall, Aisling.

Activity 2. Create commenting guidelines page or text box for your blog

This is especially needed in a class blog.

Commenting is one part of our digital footprint, so it is important students know how to comment in an appropriate way.

  • Check out this video by Mrs Yollis and her students.
  • Check out this page by Ms Edwards.
  • Check out this post by Mrs Martinez and her students

Now that you have researched what commenting guidelines might include, create yours for your blog.

Activity 3. Write a post about your favourite tool to embed on your blog

Many students mentioned they wanted to know about some more web2.0 tools they could use on their blog. So here is your chance to promote a favourite web2.0 tool. Remember to create a link in your post so your readers can visit the site you are recommending. A new one many students in my class like using is Storybird. Your teacher can create a class account, then when your book has been moderated by your teacher they can embed a story in your blog. Or you can do what Lauren has done and create a post with links to your storybirds.

Activity 4. What type of user are you on the web?

Check out the infographic from Bloomberg Business Week in 2007. Write a post telling your readers about the type of person you are. Are you a mixture of more than one? Which one are your parents or grandparents? Perhaps question some people in each age group and see how they compare with the results in the infographic. Do you think the statistics may have changed over the four years since the infographic was created?



Activity 5. What is digital citizenship?

Play this game about digital citizenship. How well did you go? Write a post telling your readers about digital citizenship – what you should do rather than what you shouldn’t do. Maybe you would prefer to create a book, poster or video about digital citizenship. Some web2.0 tools you might use with parental or teacher permission glogster, goanimate, audioboo or flipbook.

Activity 6. Visit other student or class blogs

What are some of the different web 2.0 tools being used on those blogs. Are some of the tools in posts or as widgets? Look at the sidebars – are they too crowded or are they interesting because they are interactive? Do too many ‘flashy and glittery’things slow down the loading of the blog? Write a post explaining what you want your blog to be like by the end of the ten weeks. What will you include in the sidebar and why?

Remember to include a link back to this post, if you write about one of these ideas in your blog.


174 thoughts on “Challenge 3: Me on the internet

  1. I tried searching my name on the internet but not a lot of things popped up about me. There were people who had the same name as me but nobody that is relativity the same as me. I also found this very interesting to me ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. hey! great video! i think it is really interesting. what was the hardest part of making the video? how did you come up with the idea?

  3. After I viewed this video it told me a lot. Like that all things I put online are kept there, forever. Thank you!

  4. After I watched this video, I learned a lot of new information. I never new that the stuff I put can be kept. Thanks

  5. I never knew that what I put on the computer will always be there. Thanks for telling me so i can make smart decisions on what i write.

  6. I never knew that when you were born that you get a footprint. This video was very interesting. I learned so much about my footprint from this video.I hope more people will learn about this video.

  7. I never thought people could leave this many footprints on the computer. I did not even know that your own digital dossier started before we were even born. It was nice to learn something like this.
    -Ariana L

  8. I never thought of how websites keep all this information. I learned from this video that anything you say or do will be kept.

  9. I never really thought that anyone could track me on the computer before. This video made me aware of the fact that I should be aware of what I put on Facebook and Twitter.
    -Alessandra C

  10. Hi Ms. W

    This was really interesting! This is thing i never even thought about. What was the hardest part about making the video and what inspired you to make this video?

  11. After watching this it made me think that I have to careful what I put on Facebook, or any other website. I have not thought about this for a long time but, this video made me really think about this!

  12. Hi my name is Scott and I am an 8th grader at Cathedral of St. Raymond School. I think this viedo is very interesting. I did not know about this at all.

  13. I have never really thought of this before. This video taught me to be careful what I post online, because it never goes away and you never know who is going to see it.

  14. Hi my name is Scott I am an 8th grader at Cathedral Of St. Raymond School I thought this video was pretty interesting. This was something I did not know.

  15. Dear Mrs.Wison,
    I checked out Lilys blog, and unluckily I was not impressed. Its was to crowded, flashy, and colorful. Also what bugged me was I couldnt find even one educational post. From- Carter your FAVORITE student ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Hi Miss W, again!

    I wanted to ask to you, and I’ve been asking this question to myself, how can you have time to create each challenge, read all the comments in your blog, and check every SINGLE student blog?!!! It’s amazing!!! You really take advantage of your time, I deduce.


  17. Hi Miss W:

    I’ll comment in every challenge page every time I complete it. I commented in challenge 1 too, so please check my blog, i hope you love it!

    1. Victoria,
      For this activity you need to use a text box on your sidebar and write in what you expect when people leave a comment. Are you going to accept “I like this blog. Please visit mine” or only comments relating to the posts and so on. Write some guidelines you want people to follow when they leave a comment.

    1. Victoria,
      This activity involves adding some widgets to your sidebar that are about your country. For example a weather widget or a clock telling the time in your country.

      1. thank you Mrs.W i want to tell you that you are very brave and intelligent to make this page, and for teaching students all around the world! i wish i was as intelligent as you are!

        1. G’day Victoria,
          I just love blogging and if I can teach students and teachers at the same time then it is worth it. I have only been blogging since 2008.

    1. Ronnie,
      None of the links you have put in these comments on the challenge blog have been actual links to your blog. I keep getting error messages or please sign in to tumblr.

  18. digitel citizenship is when you dont post a picture of somrbody and they dont want it on the internet. also it is when you dont a website just to humiliate somebody. its also using the web correctly. because once its on the intermet it stays there.

  19. Hi Miss W,

    Here is what you replied to my comment (half of the comment)

    See if you can find out where I am on a map โ€“ Claresholm, on highway 2 Alberta between Calgary and Lethbridge, Canada

    My answer:

    Are you in Slave lake?

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  21. digital citizenship is about being nice to other people on the web. You shouldn’t be rude to someone on the web because what you put on the web it stays there forever. in the video kim was very rude to the other guy that comes backs as her being a bad friend and people arent going to want to be her friend because she could do the same t them. that is a lesson learened if you wouldnt do it to them in person dont do on the web.

  22. What is digital Citizenship?
    Digital Citizenship is how you make yoursself up online. It is if you are kind to your friends and do not post comments that would hurtfull or rude. If you know of anybody being bullied you must tell an adult so that person can get helped.Being a good citizen online would also be asking your friends before posting a video or picture of you because, once it is online it is online forever.

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  24. For this challenge I went to other peoples blogs. My favorite post was on Jarrod’s blog, because I liked the post about The Isle of Tune. I made one and put it as a link on his blog, but found out today that iI put the wrong link, here is the right one.

    PS I moved my blog to a new location on our campus blogs.


  25. ACTIVITY 5

    If you are being bullied or know a person who is being bullied you DO tell a teacher, parent, police, or any adult you trust.

    You DONT give out any personal information.

    DO ask for your friend’s permission if you want to post their picture online.

    DONT trust all the information that is on the internet, because you never know who made it and if it’s a fact.

    DO block people if you think they are bugging you alot.

    DONT post pictures of you in your school uniform.

  26. Digital Citizenship is when you use to web correctly. like not uploading pictures of some one and they dont want it. Making a website about somebody to humiliate them.Because once you put it on the web it stays forever.

  27. Hi Mss.W, I am Daniela, and I’m doing your challenge. I have already done challenge 1,2 and 3, please check out my blog and give me feedback.

  28. Mrs. W.,

    So far the activities was fun. I can’t d o all of them because I just can’t do on my computer.

    How are you enjoying the challenge activities so far? Excellent.

    Have you had to sign up for any web 2.0 tools you used in your posts or sidebar? No, not yet.

    What information did you give when you filled in their forms for signing up? I cannot answer this question.

    Did you check the Terms of Service and privacy policy pages for the tools? Yes.

    If you are under 13 did you get teacher or parental approval to join? I didn’t then I showed my dad and he said it was okay.


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  31. Pingback: Laura
    1. Wow, Angie. You are doing lots of work with the challenges. Remember you don’t have to do all of them.
      See if you can find out where I am on a map – Claresholm, on highway 2 Alberta between Calgary and Lethbridge, Canada

  32. G’Day Miss W,

    I’m having trouble finding the video to which you refer. It doesn’t seem to pop up here. Is there a link to the video? I’d love to share it with my students.


  33. Hi Miss.W
    You said…

    Remember to include a link back to this post, if you write about one of these ideas in your blog.

    But i can’t seem to find the link for it.

    Lily ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Hi Lily,
      I put a link in the first couple of posts but I hadn’t linked them properly. Sonow I expect students to be able to link themselves. Copy the challenge blog post URL, then in your post write something like Challenge 3, highlight those words, click on the link buttonor chain button in your post dashboard and paste in the URL you had copied.

    1. G’day 3699ml,
      You should be able to do any posts on your own blog. Just check with Mrs Wilson.
      Writing this comment from Golden in British Columbia, Canada on the way to Banff and Calgary.

    1. G’day Sylvia,
      Digital Citizenship is all about how you behave and interact with the web. Do you play online games, blog, pay bills, use EBay , on Facebook etc? When you joined did you fill in all details? How easy would it be for some one to Google your name and find out where you live? Are you putting images on the internet? What would a future employer think about those images? Do you use smart phones? How do you interact with friends using digital media? The idea is to write a post or create a poster or video about digital citizenship in general.

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