2011 Last Chance Meet

The next student blogging challenge will be starting early September. If you are a teacher and want to start getting organized with a class blog, then check out the posts on the teacher challenge blog.

Registration forms for classes and individual students will be available mid-August on the drop down menu on the header. Only register when it has Sept 2012 in the title.

If you would like to mentor a small group of students, then check the post about how mentors can register by leaving a comment with details.

There are going to be some changes to the student challenge – many of the activities will relate to subject areas

  • Week 1 Health and wellbeing
  • Week 3 History and Geography or Social Studies
  • Week 5 Mathematics
  • Week 7 Science
  • Week 9 English or language arts

The weeks in between will be more free choice for the students or time to catch up on previous weeks if you had a holiday or exams or …….. There will still be improving your blog activities each week.

If you have any ideas for great activities, please leave a comment below, giving the subject and your suggestion and the grade it would be suited to.

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8 thoughts on “Are you getting ready for the new challenge?

    1. G’day Chloe,
      Thanks for the compliment. I have been blogging for 4 years now and the thing I find most important is to write regularly – at least once a week. This is easy when the challenge is on, but on my other blogs, I often forget. It is also important to visit other blogs leaving comments so the owner of that blog will visit mine as well.

  1. Hi Miss W,
    When are the blogging awards from the start of this year going to be held?
    Amy M

    1. G’day Amy,
      The blogging awards are usually around November time. Keep checking this blog as one of the posts will be about nominating blogs for the awards during this set of challenges.

  2. I am looking forward to the challenges this year and plan to help as a mentor. These are great ways to connect and learn how to blog at the same time!

  3. I would like to create a blogging challenge for all of my ICT students in my school. I teach Year 7 through 11. In the UK ICT is a separate subject and is studied at GCSE level as well. We are in the process of redesigning the curriculum and I would like to get as much input from students towards what we currently study and I think a blog would be an ideal venue for this data collection.

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