Wanna play?Game week is all about visiting other blogs.

Student and class blogs – new bloggers and old hands at the blogging – mentors as well as participants.

Remember one of  the main aims of blogging includes commenting and carrying on conversations with the author of posts and their other readers.

A good commenter will have read the post carefully, checked out the links in the post and have read the previous comments before they leave one of their own. Good commenters add to the conversation with a quality comment – remember that video from Mrs Yollis’ class.

Game 1

This is one we have run for many challenges and allows you to connect globally.

Those who have taken part in a challenge before know the game of  ‘Count Out Three’. Here are the instructions:

  • click on a blog on the student list – count one
  • now click on a blog from their blogroll – count two
  • finally click on a blog from that blogroll – count three

Leave a comment on an interesting post at this third blog.

Do this activity at least three times and finally, write your own post saying which blogs you visited and which posts you left a comment on. Why did you choose that post? Remember to include a link back to the post you left a comment on so that student gets a pingback or trackback.

Game 2

I got the idea for this game from Em, who is our youngest student blogger. She has taken part in many challenges and she wrote a post about her favourite posts. So thanks Em for the idea.

This is a new game for this challenge. We have many mentors helping you with your blogging. Most of them are busy teachers with their own class blog or else they are students who have taken part in many prior challenges. I have asked some mentors to write a post highlighting what they consider interesting posts for students to read. Here are the instructions for this game:

  1. Choose at least two of these mentor posts to visit.
  2. Read their post and visit the links they include.
  3. Answer the question left on their post by leaving them a quality comment. This should show you have visited the posts they link to.
  4. Now write your own post including three posts you have found interesting while taking part in this March blog challenge. Could include posts you have written or ones you have read while visiting other students.

Mrs Norton‘s class blog, Mrs Coffa as a guest post on Middle Matters blog, Ethan student mentor, Jakob student mentor, Isaiah student mentor, Astaneh who mentored the older students, Merrybeau class blog, Mrs Tharp‘s class blog

While checking out these blogs look at the layout of the sidebars as well as the layout of the posts. Compare to yours. This might help with the evaluation week activities next week.

If using Kidblog or blogger, leave a comment on this game week post with a link to the post you have written – if using Edublogs just leave a pingback in your actual post.

More time left: Continue on with your favourite things post especially if you want to be included in the list of thirty who have included the images, tags/category and using another tool.

Still more time left: Miss W is travelling around the southern states of USA during June before going to a conference in San Antonio. Recommend 10 places she should visit as she is interested in history and nature.
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Patrick Q via Compfight

21 thoughts on “Challenge 9 – Game Week

  1. Dear Miss W,
    I wanted to practice creating a boo and decided to make a boo describing the Count Out Three game for my class. Of course one never seems to like the audio created and just keeps recording one until the person who is recording decides it is good enough.
    Here is my blog post describing the game and audioboo (web 2.0 tool):

    Let me know what you think! I know the boo is not perfect, but it is good enough to show the students what a boo is all about. 🙂

    Mrs. Vilas

    1. G’day Alicia,
      Love the way you are also trying out the activities. Your boo about the game was very precise. Wondering though why you and your students have both kidblog and weebly accounts?

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  3. hello miss w
    I really liked the game 🙂 but I would like to ask you , a lot of student are with blogger blog but the problem that I can’t comment because my blog is on edublog ,
    so I made a blog on blogger with the same name, can i participate with the two blogs at the same time ?!!!

    thank you in advance 🙂

    1. G’day Wiem,
      I ask in the first couple of challenge activities for students with blogger platform to make sure Name/URL is available for people when leaving comments. I include it also in the welcome message I leave on every student blog during the first few weeks of the challenge. But not every student reads the post; some are only given certain parts of it from their teacher.

      Better to participate with only one blog, but you can always login to your blogger blog when starting to leave comments and that will then allow you to add comments on blogger blogs.

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  5. Hi Miss W,
    Thank you for all the time you spend helping my students with their blogs through this blogging challenge. We have been enjoying it a lot.
    I don’t see any of my students on your student list for this week’s game, however. I fear that I have missed a step somewhere along the way so that they are not properly registered. We have been doing most of the challenges for the last 10 weeks; however, we have missed a couple of weeks due to time constraints with required curriculum and alloted time in our computer lab. Would you please advise me on what I missed so that next year when we do the challenge I won’t make the same mistake again?

    Thank you,
    ~Mrs. Donofrio

    1. G’day Mrs Donofrio,
      I have noticed some of your students have started leaving comments that they have finished challenges especially Anthony.

      The next set of challenges starts again in September at the beginning of your new school year. Registrations will be open from mid August and that will be a new form up in the header of the challenge blog. Students will need to fill in the student registration, while you can join with the classes and register as a class blog as well.

      If you are interested in mentoring a group of students, you can also register as a mentor once the new form goes up mid August.

      If you are in San Antonio during summer, I will be presenting about the student blogging challenge at a poster session at ISTE 2013.

  6. Dear Miss W,

    Thank you for saying something about my blog post. thanks for coming to see my blog. I love your blog. I loved when i met you in person.


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