Some more great posts from the last few challenges.

Some posts from our week on digital footprints: Anthony, Jess, Clyde, Kiegan, Cristian, Jack, Danny, Estevan, Yami, Lupita, Michelle, Edith, Brisa, Berenice, Alyjah, Steph, Alma, Leslie, Yesenia, Juan, Areli, Cullen, Amanda, Cristina, Mari, Letty, Daniela, Paloma, Jewel, Chelsea, Lisa, Pateep, Romeo, Ruthy, Wiem, Matt, McDaniel, Carson, Tori, Arwa, Sophia, Christian, Alejandro, Tylor, Esmer, Weisen, Johnny, Pyper, JoshD,

Secrets hidden in the forest posts: Arwa, Wiem, Jamie, Matt, Jade, Charlotte and Cole, Molly, Aragon, Jewel, Brenna uses a new storytelling tool, Anthony, Hayley and Devon have great ideas for what is in the forest, Jessica wrote a story about the forest and its secrets,

Other interesting posts: Jessica, Caitlyn, Callie, EmilyK, Emilee, Snowfuzz on the butterfly garden at their school, Nya wrote about a field trip, Alexander asks should animals be held in captivity, Hannah‘s image post, Julia wrote about shoebills, Kali‘s image post, Merrybeau have some great audioboos, Maryem on animes, Wiem on being positive, Tylor has only just started the challenge, Tylor included an excellent poem relating to the image, Laura has just started the challenge and wrote a great diary post,

Family members writing posts: Lillian’s mum, Fatima writes about her cousin in the military,

Mentors: Jake is writing a series of posts for his secret in the forest, Helen O links to our students using Kidblog, Challenge 5 kidblog posts, Challenge 6 kidblog posts,

Educational games and apps to visit: David, Kalee, May, Lisa, Daisy,


There will be one final visit these post at the end of the challenge.

It will include those thirty posts about favourite things – remember to be included you have to have tags and /or category, 10 things in paragraphs, images with attribution and you creating something using a new tool like a collage, Voki, slideshow. Check back to challenge 8 to find the instructions.

I will also be including any posts recommended by mentors – I would like all mentors to find at least two posts they really enjoyed reading that we could include on this final post for the challenge. Teachers with class blogs might also like to recommend two posts especially if using Kidblog or blogger platform.

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