Rhombic Dodecareuleaux Calendar 2013
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Philip Chapman-Bell via Compfight

Maybe you or your class could take part in some of these activities throughout the  month of September. Write a post about what you did.

2 Labor Day USA and Canada

4 National Wildlife Day

4-6 Rosh Hashana

8 International Literacy Day

9 National Stroke week Australia

11 Patriot Day USA

14 Yom Kippur

15 International Day of Democracy

15 International Dot Day

17 Citizenship Day Australia

19 Mid Autumn Festival China

19 Harvest Festival Korea

20-22 Clean Up the World Day

21 International Day of Peace

22 Fall begins Northern Hemisphere

22 Spring begins Southern Hemisphere

26 World Maritime Day

27 World Tourism Day

28 Family Health and Fitness day USA

These events are for the whole month

Save the Koala – Australia

Fruit and Veg month – Australia

National Biodiversity month – Australia

Debris month of Action – Australia

Childhood Cancer Awareness – Australia

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