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Whenever you join something new, it is always polite to introduce yourself to the other people in the group. That is what this week’s activities are all about.

Here are some examples to check out, but be creative.

Activity 1. You might like to write a poem about yourself, create or update an about me/us page or post. Remember to be internet safe and not add any personal information.

Creating your about me page in steps for Edublogs users

  1. Login to your blog.
  2. Go to Pages > All Pages
  3. Hover your mouse over the Same Page title and click Edit.
  4. Change the title to About Me or something similar.
  5. Remember to also edit the permalink to About then OK.
  6. If you only have one row of icons above the box, click on the last icon called the kitchen sink. This opens a second row which allows you to change font colours and to insert from a word document.
  7. In the box, write a bit about yourself remembering to be internet safe. Make sure you have checked out the pages from other students mentioned – many of them have been blogging for a while.
  8. When you have finished click the big blue button on the right side of your screen – probably says Update.

Refer to detailed step by step instructions in the Edublogs User Manual on writing your About page for more help!

Writing your about page

If using Blogger/blogspot, check out the help pages here.

Activity 2.  Introduce your class, school, family using another page or post. Maybe go outside to take photos of your school or neighbourhood to include in a slideshow on the about me/us page.

Activity 3. You are going to start getting visitors to your blog. Do you have some questions you would like them to answer? Write a post asking questions for your visitors to answer about themselves.

Please check: Some themes do not have the pages visible in the header area.

This means you need to go to Appearance> Widgets in your dashboard and drag the pages widget across to your sidebar area if you are using an Edublogs theme.

Refer to detailed step by step instructions in the Edublogs User Manual on setting up links for your pages for more help!

Still got time left this week – visit students in your coloured group and leave a comment or ask a question on the about me post or page.  You’ll find the student blog list for Sept 2013 here.

Classes check out the other class blogs on either side of yours in the participation list – visit other blogs with the same age group.  You”ll find the class blog list for Sept 2013 here.

If your class has its own twitter account, please remember to use #13stubc when tweeting about the challenge activities or the posts you have written.

Edublogs management have changed the widget called Subscribe by email this week.  So please, if you had subscribed earlier, could you please subscribe again with the new widget I have on the sidebar.

Read more about the new Edublogs email subscription widget here.

Breaking News … Breaking News … Breaking News …

So I know you have finished your post or page, please return here and fill in the form below. We will be choosing examples of great posts/pages to be included in our September 2013 Flipboard magazine but only from those who have completed the form.

You can check out our March 2013 Flipboard magazine here!

Make sure you include the URL of the actual post you have written, not just your blog in general.  For example, the URL for this post is https://studentchallenge.edublogs.org/2013/09/08/week-1-introductions/ and if I was sharing the link to our About page it would be https://studentchallenge.edublogs.org/about/

8 thoughts on “Week 1 Introductions

  1. We have had a very busy & exciting week. Room 12 is enjoying the challenge despite all our computers crashing as we tried to post onto our blog. Some quick thinking was needed and the class was able to post later. All children took their own photo on photo booth , then uploaded it and write their Bio poem.
    With the 5×5 movies children worked in pairs. They had to create a story board , plan what type of shot they would take. They then took photos and inserted them to i movie. They then inserted text and music.

    Our bicycle movie was done in with a small group taking photos, and making the movie of the process during our art making.
    Looking forward to the next challenge

  2. We had an exciting first day of the challenge. It coincided with our first day experimenting being a mobile classroom using the class set of ipads. We use the middle block of time for our Daily 5. Out of that block we got 5 posted blogs completed. These were all independently completed by the students and they took photos and uploaded them as well. They are choosing to introduce themselves via their favourite places at school. Enjoy reading them!

    We cannot wait to complete the next challenge.

    1. Andrea,
      Those posts look great. Love the ones about the classroom budgies. If they are taking lots of photos, you might consider putting together a slideshow using Animoto or Photopeach. If you use Animoto there is an education version where they will give you a code that your students can use, then they can create the slideshows as well. You need to register for animoto – the link is on the student challenge blog sidebar under web tools to use. As you are using blogspot, I would also recommend you looking at the link under get help where Allanah King (a Kiwi) has put together a fantastic blog site about using blogger/blogspot blogs.

  3. G’Day Miss W!
    I have just translated your post in my class blog. Thank you very much for your permission. My best whishes for this brand new Challenge!

  4. Kate means pure.
    A member of girl guides.
    Together I believe we can make the world a better place.
    Everyone should be treated with respect.

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