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Welcome to the organizational post for the 12th Student Blogging Challenge.

The first challenges will be published on 9th March, 2014.

Registration forms for classes, students and mentors will be published this weekend. These will each be on a separate post with a Google  form asking for certain information. Once you have registered as a class or student, you will be able to visit the participant pages which will be found in the header area of this blog beginning March 1.

Mentors when registering, I will only need name and a way to contact you to send reminders such as an email address. The results from this form will not be published, but you will also be asked to write a short bio in the comment area of the registration post.

We will be having a badge again that can be added to your blog. Watch out for a post by the Edublogs team about how to add the badge to your sidebar.

This year I am hoping some classes will run one of the challenge weeks. But this is still being discussed. If your class would like to run the challenge for one week, please leave a comment mentioning the theme you would like to set challenges for eg global issues, history, my country, nature, and the date for it to be published.


12 thoughts on “New challenge starting soon

  1. What was interesting about this video is that the creator used all completely different Disney characters which I found interesting. What I found negative about this video was that there was pauses between words which I found annoying and some words were bot understandable. A positive though is that it gave a message and information on copyright material because more and more people are using copyrighted pictures without even knowing it

  2. Eric from SIS in China is signed up multiple times. His blog is and his hobbies are Gaming/Sports.

    1. G’day Dipti,
      Any student or class from anywhere in the world can participate in the challenge. Click on the Register in 2014 page and fill in the details.

  3. I am happy to be a part of the challenge! I will merge my hobbies with the challenges such as drawings, model posing, ect! See everyone there!

  4. One idea could be a spin on GMA’s Our Week in Three Words. Kids could think of the words and take pictures of them.

  5. I have a creative writing class that I woudl like to use the blogging challenge with. I think it will be related to poetry or music (not sure yet).

    I’d like to do something in the middle of March.

  6. For the theme of nature and as a means of introducing our classes what if each class took a photo of the view from their classroom window and wrote a description of the details that the photo shows in terms of the surrounding nature in our respective countries. They could also add some information to introduce the school etc.

    1. Thanks Tracy,
      A great activity for our first week – introducing yourself, your class and your school. Thanks for the idea – you will get the attribution.

    1. G’day Daniela,
      What a great idea for a class survey. Would need to think of questions suitable for classes in all countries so we can make comparisons.

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