Do you have your own personal blog and want to take part in the March 2014 student blogging challenge?

Then fill in the form below, remembering the following things:

  1. Just use your first name
  2. No need for the http:// bit in your URL – just something like or
  3. Country abbreviations: United States of America – USA,  New Zealand – NZ, Australia – Aust
  4. Age just write the number of years eg 11 or 13 do not include anything else
  5. List two hobbies only with a comma between them eg reading, genealogy or BMX, cycling or chat friends, shopping
  6. Teacher name will not be published but just in case I need to contact them


6 thoughts on “Student registration

    1. G’day Elysa,
      Now that you have registered, you look at the posts on the blogging challenge and choose some to do. We are now into week seven, so you have lots to choose from.

  1. If I had to choose between no digital footprint and a negative digital foot print I would choose to have no digital footprint, because I would not what people thinking negative things about me.

  2. If my grandchildren saw my digital footprint they would probably be very confused, but personally i think it is not that bad.

    1. Hi Erik,
      You need to look carefully. You are there under the 15 year olds but your country is in blue as I need a couple of hobbies you are interested in.

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