You have heard about the student blogging challenge and want to join in for this session?

Then fill in the form below remembering the following things:

  1. If your blog URL is very long, then use a shortener such as this one from Google  Also handy if students are registering their blogs especially if kidblog as the URL is usually long.
  2. In case I need to contact you, an email is the easiest way, so please fill that in on the last question on the form. This is not published but other teachers could contact me in case you don’t have a contact spot on your blog.

Hope you enjoy this the 12th blogging challenge.

If publicising any posts on twitter, please use the hashtag



4 thoughts on “Class registration

  1. I believe I’ve already registered by class; however, I am not seeing us listed on the comprehensive class list. Would you be so kind as to check and see if we’re registered but simply absent from the list? I am also serving as a blogging mentor for 10-12 year olds. Thank you.

    Martha Rombach/
    Rombach Readers/Sixth Grade

    1. G’day Mrs Rombach,
      You are on the class list. Look to the end of the C 10-12 years and there you are listed. As classes register they are then sorted according to the age group and as you recently registered you are near the end of that particular age group.

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