There is only one challenge activity for the next two weeks.

Throughout the year, there are many celebrations held around the world.

Your challenge over the next two weeks is to design your blog to show one celebration you take part in throughout the year.

Places to find celebrations you could choose from

Your celebration might be a festival or event that is held in your country, state or town. It doesn’t have to be a world celebration.

Here is an example of a Halloween themed blog – check out the Thinglink in the header, the scrolling words in the sidebar

What could you do to your blog?

  • You could add a header or background representing your celebration
  • Change to a more appropriate theme
  • Maybe write some poetry or stories about the celebration
  • Find some widgets relating to the celebration
  • Include some images you have taken or you have found using creative commons
  • Write a post about the history of that celebration
  • Write a post explaining where you found all the headers, images, widgets information used in your post
  • Use lots of different tools to be creative such as powtoon, thinglink, padlet, glogster, soundcloud, poll daddy – classes maybe have students work in groups each using a different tool

If you use Kidblog and can’t decorate your blog very easily, you might want to create a paper blog instead and take a picture of that and put the image in a post.

Check out some of these resources I have found:


Home School Towers – Ms Mara has written a post about how she has decorated her blog to celebrate Halloween. She includes how to make backgrounds and headers and where to find them on the web.

Warrior Kat has written some posts related to Halloween as well as decorating her blog.

Sue Waters from Edublogs has found some resources to use in your classroom


Check out the holidays section – remember to link back to them – attribution as the header belongs to them

Link to five websites for free headers

How to create a header image using picmonkey

If using Edublogs check out these posts about headers, customizing your theme, design and decorate your blog – many of these are also mentioned in Ms Mara’s blog post

Other blogs

Larry Ferlazzo has lots of links for activities, games, infographics, slideshows about Christmas, Hannukah and Kwanzaa

Remember, I would like to see your creative blogs once you have finished designing it. Come back here and leave a comment so I can visit your blog. I can only visit if you include the URL of your blog.

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  1. Hello Mrs. W! I am here to say that I have finished the “Let’s Celebrate” challenge. (I figure I’m probably a bit late.) It would be appreciated if you could come and leave a comment on my blog @

  2. Hey Mrs.W Im just here to say i finished the lets celebrate challenge. You should come leave a comment on my page

  3. Hi Miss W.,

    Wanted to let you know that I have updated my blog header and background with a Thanksgiving theme. I am really loving the idea of being able to change the look of your blog to go with the holidays and seasons. So much fun!

    Also, I added a Thanksgiving post: Thanksgiving: Food, Fun, Lesson Ideas and More. I also added a Thinglink to my blog header with lots of links to more cool Thanksgiving activity ideas.

    Loving the challenge!
    Ms. Mara

  4. Dear Miss W,
    I’ve just completed the “Let’s Celebrate Challenge.” Please visit my blog

  5. Dear Miss W
    I’ve just done the “Lets Celebrate Challenge.” Come and visit my blog

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  8. Hi my name is Austin. I really liked your post. I have completed the assignment. I picked Christmas for my celebration. Go leave a comment

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    1. Cheyenne,
      I tried to leave a comment on your blog, but your clustrmap was overlapping the comment area and I couldn’t click on the submit button.

  15. Russian students are on holidays this week but some of them are trying to keep pace with the other participants. Here’s Ivan’s story about International Women’s Day (, Tatyana’s story about the Day of National Unity ( We’ve also made some experiments with photos using the Befunky tool: Tatyana (, Xenya ( and Kate ( And I’m sorry if we’re a bit late with the activity but here is our post related to number 13: We sincerely congratulate Student Blogging Challenge on its 13th anniversary and want to say that we are really happy to participate.

  16. I will be glad to describe some of the most exciting celebrations in Uganda. However, it would be cool if i posted some animated pics for you. it may not be posible now but in the near future.

  17. Hello! My name is Abbey and I just finished the “Let’s Celebrate…Christmas!” blog. I hope you come check it out sometime. Come visit my blog
    Thank You. 🙂

    1. G’day Miss Robertson and students,
      I really enjoyed reading and listening to your work about bonfire night. I think the boys did a great job with their video. I haven’t made one yet with me actually doing the talking in it.

      Your images and artwork in your scrolling header were fantastic. Were they photos of your own bonfire in your town?

      I noticed you have a Glenorchy kirk near your town. One of the suburbs of Hobart, which is the capital city of Tasmania, is Glenorchy. It was given its name by Governor Lachlan Macquarie and named after his wife’s home town in Scotland.

      PS I am putting the comment in here, as it kept giving me an error message when I tried to leave it on your blog.

  18. Sorry Miss W I acidently deleted Your comment to me I didn’t mean to do it I’m soooo sorry Miss W can you please wright the comment back but I’m still sorry

  19. Hi. Ms.W.
    I did my new blog theme.
    My new blog theme is Halloween.
    It looks very good.
    Please visit my blog!
    From Jiyoon

  20. Hello, Ms W. My name is Anthony, I have finished my week six’s blogging challenge”Let’s Celebrate”. Please visit my blog at

  21. Hello,ms.W
    Our class has chosen a theme for our blogs. I decorated mine like Halloween. Feel free to cheek out my blog!
    See you soon,

  22. Hi Ms.W, last week I did my blog theme and the header. Please visit my blog to see my theme:

  23. My name is Mandy. For this week’s challenge, I changed my blog theme. I changed my blog theme into Christmas. I used keynote to make my new header. I found my Halloween/Christmas images in Creative Commons search. All of my images came from Pixabay. First, I saved my images, then I added them to keynote presentation. At last, I uploaded it on my blog.

    Here are the links to my images.

    * Thierry * via Compfight cc
    WernerLangen via Compfight cc
    Colliefan via Compfight cc
    MrClean1982 via Compfight cc
    steamboatwillie33 via Compfight cc
    Tony Borrach via Compfight cc
    Andrew Louie Photography via Compfight cc
    Go check out my blog(!

  24. Hi, Ms.W! I just finished the week 6 challenge. Please check it out on my blog. Here is the address:

  25. Hi Ms.W!
    I’m so sorry but I didnt get to do the challenge this week because I was sick and I missed out on how to do it😥
    I really hope I will get to do the rest of the challenges!
    By the way the other challenges where super fun!

  26. Hey Miss C,
    I have put lots of effort into my blog and i have changed the background and added some glitter text. I have been keeping up with the challenges, to visit my blog use this URL… Tell me what you think about my blog in a blog comment on my blog.
    From Hunter

  27. Hi Miss W! My name is Ethan and I want to say that I liked this short video. It really helped me figure out what holiday I wanted to do. So again thank you. Please come and visit my blog

  28. Hi Miss W,
    I have completed the student challenge for this week. BTW I have chosen to celebrate Halloween and changed my theme to Monster. Grace

  29. How exciting! I cannot believe our luck with this weeks challenge. We have just started our term 4 theme and can you believe it is – Lets celebrate!
    We have been researching all week on all the different celebrations around the world and have begun to decorate our classes. Stay tuned and we will post it onto our blog!
    Good minds think alike!
    Jodie Mackrell

    1. G’day Jodie,
      You actually have two weeks to complete this challenge. Make sure you visit Ms Mara’s blog to see what she did with Halloween.

  30. Dear Miss w,

    I fixed up my blog and made it look cool. You can see it at Happy Halloween!

    Your blogger,

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    I would like to tell you that I have finished challenge 6. I hope you like it.

  32. Hi Miss W I have done challenge 6 and I have allready sent you this but I forgot to send my blog address so hear it is
    hope you enjoy.

  33. Hello Mrs W,
    I have just finished week six challenge Celebrations. I am loving doing the blogging challenge.

  34. Dear Miss W
    I’ve just done the “Lets Celebrate Challenge.” Thank you for leaving me a comment my blog.

    Kind regards Natalia

  35. hello can i please join in because i have just made my new blog and your activities seem so much fun. please reply back

    1. G’day Discodino,
      Feel free to try the activities. Whenever you finish one, come back to the post the activity was on and leave me a comment. Remember to include the URL of your blog so I can visit and leave you a comment.

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