I have just been checking the shortlisted blogs from the Edublog Awards and noticed there are many student and class blogs from the challenge included.

Remember to vote for the blog you feel is best, not just one of your friends. If you have been visiting other blogs throughout the challenge, you might have left comments on some of the blogs mentioned.

Please vote from computers outside the school as only one vote per IP address counts – most school computers all have the same IP address.

You have until 16 December to vote.

Click on the Vote Here  on this page.

11 thoughts on “Congratulations

  1. The most interesting challenge for me was writing about my parents’ parents. It was really interesting learning about my family and their history. I often visited other blogs and left comments. I had a really good time reading other bloggers’ posts. I did not read the challenge flipboard magazine. Plus: I got to experience other people, culture, and languages. Minus: There are not as many widgets as I hoped there would be. (Although there are still a lot) Interesting: I learned a lot about other people and what they like to do. I also learned what other people are passionate about, and I was exposed to other events in the world. I cannot decide which was the most important thing I learned while doing this challenge. I got to practice my writing skills, I learned about other cultures and languages, and I got to learn about other bloggers’ interests. I had such a great time blogging!

  2. I was wondering how we can read the most influential post? In most of the other categories you can just copy and paste the links, but the most influential post category just gives you the title. How can I find these posts? Thank you!

    1. I would also want to share the specific posts with my students who will be completing the challenge in March. I am having them vote for their favorites this week.

    1. G’day,
      No the student blogging challenge has just finished. The next one starts in March 2016 for a ten week period. To take part you need a blog that is open to the world so other students and classes can read posts and leave comments.

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