Before filling in the registration form please read the following:

Who should register 

  • Only students who have their own personal blog can register
  • Students who are going to do the activities otherwise mentors’ time is wasted *** this one is very important
  • Students who want to connect with other students around the world
  • Register only once – I can usually work out incorrect URLs by visiting class blogs or contacting teachers

A few days after  you have registered

  1. Check the student participants page which will appear in the header area to make sure you are there. Check very carefully under your age group as we don’t need names being doubled up – again that would be wasting time of the mentors.
  2. If you are not on the participants page, register again being careful that your blog URL is correct.
  3. If you are on the participants list, start visiting other students your age or with your interests.
  4. Fill in the subscription by email so you are notified when posts are published each week – first challenge will be October 2 or if you have Edublogs reader, click on follow then you will be able to read posts in your reader.
  5. Make sure you have some great posts written so others can start leaving comments.

If you have a twitter account, use the hashtag #16stubc to notify others of your posts

So you have read everything above this line, now is the time to register

20 thoughts on “Registering a student blog

  1. Hi there,
    I would like to enquire about setting my class up to do the challenge late. School in New Zealand is currently on holiday and my class isn’t due back until the 10th of October. Can we still sign up then?
    Kind regards,

    1. G’day Ange,
      You can join them whenever you wish. The first challenge is usually about introducing themselves and creating an about me page and avatar and visiting other blogs.

      1. Thanks so much for all your advice and tips
        I’ve been struggling with adding the Challenge badge!
        I followed the instructions but was unable to add via appearance so I endeavoured to enter a link
        Please help! My class has just been introduced to blogging
        Haven’t explored first challenge as I haven’t been able to add SBC badge 😐

        1. Hi Ange,
          You need to add it as a widget. If you copy the code then go to appearance> widgets> drag across the text widget and paste in the code and save, it should work.

    1. Hi Dimitriy,
      I just checked your blog and you had added it twice. I notice there is music on it immediately someone opens the URL. That can be very difficult and noisy if a teacher has lots of blogs open at the same time.

  2. hi, I ‘am a teacher from georgia and i’ve ust registered, i’m going to register my class and advise this site to my colleagues, but I am new and i lave difficulties on working here .
    advise me how to register my sts ,
    thanx in advance

  3. Dear Miss W.

    My students have their own blogs in groups of two. It would be great if they could register. The Student Blogging Challenge would be a great opportunity to improve their blogging skills and interact with other students all over the world.

    1. Hi Maria,
      Your students can register their blogs as a pair – just use name1/name2 then under age the youngest one if they are different. Will be great to have you and your class join. If you have a class blog, make sure you register that in the class section so you can start connecting with other classes around the world.

  4. Hi Miss W,
    I am a little confused as to whether to register for the class challenge or get my students to register themselves. I have a group of 10 students who began blogging in May and I have just added another 9 students to my class blog in the last week.
    Can you give me some advice?

    1. Hi Mrs Riding,
      I would suggest you definitely register your class blog so you can start making connections globally. You can copy and paste any of my challenge posts onto your class blog or adapt them if you want. I would also suggest mentioning that students can register IF THEY WANT, rather than say they have to register. This way those who are keen and want to connect with others, and perhaps get help from a mentor, will be able to do so. Those who don’t want to connect so much can still visit the challenge blog to see what to do and visit other blogs if they want to.

  5. Hi Miss W,
    Is there going to be another form for mentors to sign up later, or is there already one? I’m just wondering because I am going to sign up to be a mentor and I am really excited about it.
    – Anna

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