Every year on  16 October, bloggers around the world take part in Blog Action Day (BAD). Generally there is a theme to write about like poverty, pollution, raise your voice and so on. But this year due to family commitments, the three volunteers who run this day are unable to get things organized like they normally do. But they would still like to see bloggers doing some writing.

So they have suggested, write about something you are passionate about.

The special event here at the student blogging challenge will be:

Is there something in your town, state,  country, the world that you feel needs to be improved or changed?

  • It might be having ramps into all public buildings in your town to help the elderly in wheelchairs and using walking sticks.
  • It might be ways to stop plastics being sent into our oceans.

Think small, think big, think local, think global.

What can you as a student do to help make this change you would like seen?

Remember a great post will have:

  1. catchy title
  2. written in paragraphs
  3. include links to other web pages
  4. include visuals like images and videos
  5. be proofread carefully

Make sure you include the hashtag for #BAD2016 somewhere in your post. Also include #16stubc so I can find posts quickly.

You might also like to design a badge that you can use on your own blog to show you wrote as part of BAD2016

Still got some time left:

Make sure you visit these posts that couldn’t be flipped to the magazine:

Annie’s About Me page and her avatar post


18 thoughts on “Special: Blog Action Day (BAD 2016)

  1. Dear Miss W.,
    I have enjoyed doing the blogging challenge as well as BAD2016. I have been updating on it all day and have been adding new content, videos, and links throughout. Please check out my new updated content and comment what you think so I can make it even better and spread awareness more proficiently.
    Happy Blogging,
    You can find my blog at http://danikkerne5204.blogspot.com/

  2. Dear Ms. West,
    I have enjoyed doing the blogging challenge so much! I love being able to express my ideas through writing and visual displays. I just uploaded a video for #BAD2016 so please check it out. You can find my blog at http://danikkerne5204.blogspot.com/
    Happy Blogging,

  3. The change in this world should be the low income , criminal crimes that’s going around. More other stuff too .

  4. I think that your doing good to help us on making good comments.Did you know that helping people make people feel good.Im now made a blog to help people make good comments.Are you really nice or just a teacher just helping.

    1. I was a teacher for 35 years but retired 5 years ago and now teach a bit of blogging to teachers and students, but enjoy travelling and researching family history.

  5. I have enjoyed this blogging challenge very much. I watched the “How to Make Effective Comments” videos that you have posted. They really do describe how to make an effective comment. This is the first comment that I have posted on my blog and I am doing what the “How to Make Effective Comments” videos described to do. Thank you for posting the videos they have really thought me something!

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