Before filling in the registration form please read the following:

Who should register

  • Teachers who have their own class blog can register, can be any blogging platform
  • Classes which want to connect with other classes around the world

Reminders before registering

  1. If your blog URL is very long, then use a shortener such as this one from Google  Also handy when students are registering their blogs on their form (especially if kidblog as the URL is usually long).
  2. In case I need to contact you, an email is the easiest way, so please fill that in on the last question on the form. This is not published but other teachers could contact me in case you don’t have a contact spot on your blog.

A few days after  you have registered

  1. Check the class participants page which will appear in the header area to make sure you are there.
  2. If you are not on the participants page, register again being careful that your blog URL is correct
  3. If you are on the participants list, start visiting other classes of similar grade level.
  4. Fill in the subscription by email widget so you are notified when posts are published each week – first challenge will be March 4 or if you have Edublogs reader, click on follow then you will be able to read posts in your reader.
  5. Make sure you have some great posts written so others can leave comments.

If publicising any posts on twitter, please use the hashtag   #stubc  Note the change – no numbers from now on.


9 thoughts on “March 2018 classes register here

  1. Hi, is this registration only for teachers? Am a student, and am interested in registering.

  2. Hello! Is there a code to copy for the 2018 Badge to add an active link to the new blogging challenge?



  3. Hi,
    So do I just register my class blog w the student blog links appearing on my classs blog, or does every student register individually as well? Thanks!

    1. Hi Amanda,
      Register your class blog first then if any students are really keen and want to connect to other students around the world, they can then register with their own blog. Not all students want to do that but it is up to you.

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